Tuesday, February 23, 2010

our playlist

How cute is this moment!? They started an impromptu version of "Having The Time of My Life" via Sedona Bride.

For the last couple of years (I kid you not...years) everytime an awesome (or awful) song comes on the radio that Tommy and I both find ourselves bopping too, one of us will inquire:

"wedding song?"

We started keeping a lil list of songs we can't wait to jam to. It helps that our rad DJ gave us a big huge binder full of all the music he already has. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that when the day arrives, anything he plays will sound like "the best song ever!"

Unless it's "the Chicken Dance". Ummm....or "We Are Fam-i-ly" (I hate that song...dunno why.)

Still can't nail down a 1st dance tune though. We have a relationship playlist. There are so many songs that have woven their way into our life - except they tend to be rather obscure...and I think it would be nice to hear a song on the radio or a random movie and remember that as "our 1st dance song." You know? Am I thinking too much about this??

Oh. And my mom and sisters think it is a tragedy that we won't be taking dance lessons. Like. major fail. My poor mother was appalled when I told her that we would probably just sway with my hands around his neck, and his arms around my waist for our 1st dance.

It's not my fault we are too busy. And broke.

*note: about my car accident - the outpouring of love and concern from many of you was so very touching...thank you for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. The busted car situation will get worked out :-)


  1. for the music whore that i am, i'm a proponent of "the right song will come along and you'll just know." don't over think it. maybe a date night at home would be a good opportunity to listen to all of your options. you can even dance along (and tell your mom you've been "practicing"). good luck!

    p.s. my "first dance" song pick is "wagon wheel" by old crowe medicine show. check it out if you don't already know it.

  2. I want to know the songs, chica! Spill it.

  3. Yeah, I want a list! And we didn't take dance lessons. I recommend practicing dancing to the song once you pick it because I wish we'd done that but don't overthink it. just dance!

  4. How would it go over if you asked mom and sisters to cut you some slack? LOL Man, you have so much on your plate, I think of you as Super Woman.

  5. @ Anonymous: that made my day :-)

    (I'm sure they just don't want us lookin' like idiots tripping over each other's feet...you know...hearts are in the right place and all)

    @ sera and miss cupcake:

    I'd have to work on converting the list from our chicken scratch to the comp. it'll happen.

  6. I'm having such a hard time finding a first dance song. He loves The Beatles, but I can't find a perfect one. I like Here, There, and Everywhere, though, but it just... ends. I like classic Sinatra and Billie Holiday, too, but I don't want it to be too cliche. I'm figuring that whatever I do, I'll end up loving it, because it will be our song, and it might not be perfect, but neither are we!



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