Sunday, March 14, 2010

lil review of csn stores

Hummm...maybe someday I'll own everything in Le Creuset's dijon color...
and will decorate accordingly. Like this kitchen from Apartment Therapy

So I've been browsing online big time. Looking at furniture and decor for our "big move" this summer. Except, I keep finding myself in lala land looking at stuff like cute kids bedding....

Anyway, I found the mecca of all shopping sites...CSN's an online collection of over 200 different specialty shops. They sell everything from kitchen gadgets, furniture, to shoes & bags...I And I freaked when I saw how cheap they sell some of the items that are on our registry...not to mention the huge deals on the stuff that was too pricey to register for in the first place (hello you beautiful All-Clad pans). My personal fave section was their heavily discounted "sale" section, and their awesome eco-friendly "go green" section.

What if I told you that I caved and ordered something? I got a Le Creuset baking dish...a brand that I stalk...and it was cheap for those luxurious Le Creuset items...seriously... cheap (and it came with free free shipping)...and it came with a free smaller baking dish (that's right...a freebie...a sweet usable freebie!) I can't wait to use it...I'll channel my inner Julia Child.

If you are looking to get some new stuff, CSN is certainly worth a browse!


  1. I love the LeCruset as well! It's what I learned to cook in, and I've registered for several pieces of the cherry red.

    I think it's wonderful you got yourself a cookware treat! My fiance actually treated me to a very useful pan off of our own registry recently(after his much-aged workhorse skillet bit the dust last weekend we had to have *something* to cook in). I've been thrilled to get to use it-it makes me happy to think of all the meals to come we'll cook in this one, and it's also really nice to get a hands on try-out of the pans we registered for! (We went the Calphalon Tri-Ply Steel route, and I really like it so far. Can't wait to have more than one pan!)

  2. I love Le Creuset too! :) It is so fun to cook with!



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