Wednesday, March 24, 2010

my bridal shower: yummies

The food at my bridal shower was delicious. Holy cow.

I suggested to my sisters to buy some frozen hors derves from Costco...some cheesecake bites...a platter of fruit and call it a day. But. They chose to make everything from scratch. (awwww...they love me...they decided to cook all night instead of sweet.)

My mom and sister finishing up in the kitchen before the party began.
But really, how cute is my mom in that lil green apron!?

Of course it helped that my party was on the smaller size. I have been to bridal showers with upwards of 60 guests - needless to say I didn't get to spend much time with the bride at those gatherings! The size of mine was quaint, 12 total, a relatively perfect size to self-cater light fair finger foods.

My sister slaved over the food ...but swears it was fun (as she roped in her practically gourmet chef boyfriend to help her with it!) It was a real labor of love. Her bf shared his own personal Ceviche recipe with us...and his Sangria recipe (OHMYGOD the Sangria!!!!) Add that to my sister's various spreads and dips and it was a yummy assortment.

My mom getting the Sangria organized....sooooo super yummy.

I drank this all day. Are you interested in this recipe? I am.
If I can get it from him, I will share it with you all.

My sister calls herself the "cupcake queen" for good reason - she is quite the cupcake connoisseur. She delighted us with two types of homemade cupcakes with homemade frosting. A.Maz.Ing. (The strawberry cupcakes with the strawberry frosting were the hit of the day.)

My sis dried pineapple slices to create these "flowers" to top off the lemon with cream-cheese frosting cupcakes. (I think it's a Martha Stewart recipe?)

Ceviche. Hummm....maybe this was the hit of the day? They put them in little single serving glasses...and we scoped them out with yummy tostadas. Also...because I like you girls...I will attempt to get this recipe and share it with the masses. It is to die for.

My cousin even made her famous danishes.
I ate too many of them. The icing is actually addicting.

How could I forget the pizza?

I didn't eat for the rest of the day. And I'm pretty sure nobody else did either.

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  1. YUM! Love the sangria and is that ceviche? My favorites!

  2. I love small showers. The food looks fabulous! I love ceviche... and sangria. Drooling just looking at all of the pictures.

  3. omigod, ceviche and sangria??? I love it!

  4. god YES please get that sangria recipe. it all looks amazing! you've got quite a family there :)

  5. This is like my dream shower! Intimate with amazing food!

  6. Wow that food sounds AMAZING! You are so lucky to have such wonderful family to do that for you!
    Oh and I thought you might get a laugh out of this, but I had to actually look up what sangria actually was. I knew it was a drink but had no idea what was in it. It sounds pretty good!

  7. Beautiful food! It all looks so delicious! What wonderful sisters & mom you have.

  8. yup i'm gonna need you to get that ceviche recipe asap. it looks amazzzinngggg.

  9. All my favorite foods in one place. And your mom is adorable. She looks like such a happy spirit!

  10. Everything looks delish! I'd love to see the recipes for it all! What a wonderful family you have :)



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