Thursday, March 25, 2010

my bridal shower: gifts

Me taking a picture of my you see that smile on my face...hehehe.

Some of these thoughtful gifts made me flat out cry. Many times I felt my eyes welling up just reading the thoughtful cards (I am SUCH a friggen' sap.) All of the gifts were lovely...and I will remember their acquisition forever. They are my new special things. Things that could last us our lifetime. Things that we can appreciate on a daily basis. Beautiful dining table decor, fabulously useful kitchen items, a print of San Francisco (our honeymoon spot!), and dance lessons (yep...Tommy and I will actually know how to dance at our wedding!)

Umm...the candy bra from my cousins isn't exactly a new treasure...but it was kinda funny....and made me laugh and get a grip on my emotions.

I assured my sisters that favors were not required at bridal showers! But, they loved these little bud vases. So, they bought a bunch, filled them with pretty blooms and scattered them everywhere. Every guest got to take one home. I got a yellow one. Aren't they sweet?

As a "thank you" to my sisters and cousin, I got them each a rad EarthLust stainless steel water-bottle. I picked these pretty lil things up at HipGreenDeals awhile back (and it just so happens that my sisters used a pink and yellow color scheme for the party...hollah...perfecto.) Personally, I don't know if it's appropriate or necessary to give thank you gifts to the people who throw you a bridal shower. But after all the work my sisters put into it, I really wanted to give them something in appreciation - and these are practical, usable and really pretty (ummm...I bought for myself one too.)


  1. I think its really sweet that you gave them a gift. I'm sure they appreciated your thoughtfulness just like you did theirs.

  2. Those bud vases are soooo cute. I'm not sure I ever told you how cute you looked in the engagement photo anthro dress... I was thisclose to getting it as well, but after asking the anthro dressing room guy if it was too short for my 33 year-old legs and he paused just a little too long, I didn't get it. Oh well.

  3. The stainless steel water bottles are a great idea. And where did they find those bud vases?? Love 'em and want one! (or hmm, two or three)

    Sounds like a smash hit of a party... kudos to the planners! I'm not usually one for bridal showers, but this looks like an event I would've enjoyed.

  4. That picture of you with all the presents is so cute. You'll always look back at it and remember the day.

  5. Oh you know that bra will get used. ;] Haha, just kidding. I got a pair of candy underwear as a gift when I turned 16 from my friends. Let's just say that that was quite embarrassing to open THAT in front of my parents when my boyfriend was in the room...



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