Sunday, March 28, 2010

oooo...i'm a model! really.  
But a couple of my bridal portraits are featured on a photography website!!  

yes...that be me!  there are a couple others on her site...kindof exciting right?! via A Sophisticated View

Check it out
at A Sophisticated View.

If you are getting married in Arizona, I cannot recommend Johanna enough,
the photographer behind A Sophisticated View!!!  
She's a dream to work with and the NICEST of NICE people you will ever meet.
(Not to mention her photography packages are ridiculously stellar...
and she takes pics of babies, baby bumps, families, and pets!)


  1. wowzers! You look GORGEOUS!! and, i love the new header!

  2. P.S. The new header is AMAZING.

  3. I just looked through the wedding gallery on her website...and you were the prettiest bride of the bunch! (and you haven't even really been a bride yet...!) ;)

    I can only imagine how stunning you will be on your special day.

  4. One more P.S. - Bridal Magazines are totally going to be knocking down your door now, you know! You make the perfect model!



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