Monday, March 29, 2010

it's ok if it's not heirloom

photos via penny.LA

I'm thinking this could be a fun opportunity to pick up a new piece of jewelry (or two?) for the wedding. I'm a sentimental freak and attach special memories with material my art...and my jewelry.

I'm considering a new treasure...something that I will wear 100's of times in my future...something that will remind me of our wedding day. Now I'm not talking diamonds, (or fake diamonds - not a fan of rhinestones), but perhaps gemstones? or pearls? or silver?

Then again, I might decide that the stuff already sitting in my jewelry box will do. If my bridal jewelry isn't brand spankin' will still be special. The opposite is also will still be special even if it isn't a cherished family heirloom.

So - I'll be cataloging some of the things I find. Just for fun. A little "etsy window browsing" if you will. And to keep things in order...I'm giving myself a $50 limit...thanks to the car mishap...and the computer mishap...and my boards exam which cost an arm and a leg...and If I find something that feels right...who knows.

Are you planning on wearing jewelry as a bride? Or did you? Any fave Etsy shops you wanna share?


  1. Funny thinking back on it... I bought a lot of earrings to try for our wedding. But, I ended up going with some big fake pearls from Forever 21! I had been offered to wear my step-mother's necklace, but the day of, I realized it was too long, i.e. in the cleave majorly! So, I wore a cheap-o Forever 21 necklace that had my new initial and looped a ring that my grandmother was given on her wedding day over the necklace. It goes to show that you don't need to spend a pretty penny on your wedding jewelry!

  2. I bought my earrings from

    and am so excited to wear them! Her pieces are made from recycled vintage jewelry, have fun!

  3. I'm still having a tough time coming up with my bridal jewelry! I'm stumped... Only three months left to decide... Will it be pearls (like possibly my bridesmaids) or an impossible-to-find perfect gold and dark purple-jeweled, vintage-looking necklace...

  4. Hi! First reply here - I've loved reading your posts. My late Polish Babcia once gave me a white amber necklace set in silver on a silver chain. It's not worth an awful lot, but I've always loved it, it's unique, simple and very me, and since she can't be there it will keep her presence close to me on the day. That's my plan! Probably no earrings, but yes to a simple flower& rosemary "wianek" (wreath) with ribbons on my head - not sure if I'll make it from fresh wildflowers or find a fab etsy vendor to make it... Anyhow, whatever you wear will make you feel beautiful and take on the meaning of the event - happy hunting!

  5. I spent FOREVER searching for jewelry. I looked at traditional "bridal" jewelry, and at some actual vintage rhinestone jewelry. I searched etsy. But I was having trouble finding something that felt right for me, and I wanted to be able to wear it again. I finally found a perfect necklace that felt very "me" at a vintage shop. I also got some tear drop shape earrings in about the same style with a dark red stone in the middle. I have worn the jewelry numerous times since then and am so glad I went for sorta atypical bridal jewelry, but still found something that felt special enough for the occasion.

    You can kinda see it here:

    Good luck in finding what feels right to you! :)

  6. You have to check out these earrings from Pretty as a Posie:

    I've bought several pieces from her and they look even better in person than in the pictures. Plus, green would look so lovely on you...

    I wore discombobulated jewelry for the wedding. I didn't want the earrings to get lost in my hair so they were a little bit sparkly blue (they're somewhere on my blog) and I had a friend restring a black necklace that was my grandmothers. I kind of wish I'd gone for something a little simpler because I already had so much going on with the dress. oh well.

  7. by the way, love the new header.

  8. with this necklace:
    okay, I'm done.

  9. I spent a ton of time looking at jewelry...then ended up only wearing earrings...which I didnt find until the day before the wedding...they werent what I had in my mind...but they worked. I knew I wanted pearls, but my back up plan was to borrow the earrings my best friend wore at her wedding. In the end, i'm a simple person, and I think minimal jewelry reflected who I am better than more jewelry

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  11. I bought a locket from Melissa Stevensons, a designer on Etsy. I customized the colors to reflect our wedding colors (cream and two shades of purple, lavender and deep purple) and used the locket to put a picture of my grandmother, who passed away a year ago, in the locket. I chose to have the locket incorporated into my bouquet but you could definitely wear it - I have been wearing it quite frequently now. It is such a nice keepsake because every time I wear it I think of my Mamie and of the wedding day :)

  12. I bought all of my wedding jewelry from BGBJewelry...

    The seller was so wonderful to work with on custom orders and completed the orders so quick. I loved my earrings and bracelet and my bridesmaids loved their earrings and necklaces.

    Enjoy the final sprint!

  13. i will be wearing a new silver earings in the shape of a leave. I plan to use it everyday after the wedding....those were cheap, around 30 €....not so expensive, and the only jewelry i will be wearing except for our bridal rings and my engange ring....all in silver colours....that will fit with my all green wedding gown.....



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