Thursday, March 11, 2010

real life: among the aspens

This is the celebration of what starting a marriage looks like. This is the stuff that gives me goosebumps and makes me smile.

It's pure. It's not about the design. It's not about the centerpieces. It's not about the shoes. It's not about the open bar. (I keep having to remind myself of this - but when I see these simple, true, and honest marriage celebrations, I am rejuvenated... and the mess and clutter of traditional wedding hype melt away. I know I write about flowers, and centerpieces and my dress...but I also know that it's just fluff...but fluff just the same.)

Weddings are about families joining. New lives forming. Commitments being proclaimed.

And sweet sweet love.

I admire this wedding, that took place among the quaking aspens on a cold crisp autumn day in Flagstaff. Beautifully captured by Cameron & Kelly Studios.


  1. You're right. You're so, so right! I admire this wedding too! Looks simple, yet stunning. Good reminder! Thanks!

  2. This day was about joy. Pure joy! Amy and David enjoy each other fully!

    PS we do special pricing for events that are either on a non-Saturday or booked with in 6-8 weeks of the date. This was such an affair!

  3. So Lovely. You know, I just did a version of this on my own blog today! Of what love looks like to me....
    This wedding is a great representation of that too! Thanks for posting!

  4. Those are fabulous photos. And they truly reflect what a life, marriage and wedding should be all about. What a great share.

  5. oh my god that's lovely! why do i keep tearing up at the sweet, sweet, small weddings! thanks for this. again.

  6. Oh the Aspens! And not a chandelier in sight. LOVE.

  7. Thank you! It was a beautiful day! I was the Event Designer for this wedding. Although the weather was challenging the day was beautiful!.

    Kim Duncan
    KD Event Designs



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