Friday, March 19, 2010

real life: cowboy boots + horses

Arizona is such a special place. We have the most magnificent horizons...breathtaking sunsets..beautiful desert landscape...snow-capped mountains...and a huge star filled sky. It's wild. It's home - and it hard to believe that I'll be moving away from here in a couple short months.

This is a rather stunning rendition of what a northern Arizona wedding can be - and no...there are no pictures of DIY projects, centerpieces, or stationary suites. Just a couple in love, wearing their boots....and riding their horses.

Just magnificent. See more at cameron + kelly studios.

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I love dancing kiddo pictures - nothing makes me smile bigger!


  1. Beautiful! My sister in law wore boots on her wedding day. It was a super cute touch.

  2. How neat is that? The groom looks like he's having so much fun with the cowboy hat and horse at his wedding. Beautiful couple and pictures.

  3. Awesome pictures. I love the theme of this wedding (horses, boots, etc.). And the bride's dress? Gorgeous!



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