Monday, April 26, 2010

how do we table scape??

I may have mentioned that the quaint little wooden tables and chairs that I loved so dearly have been replaced at our venue.  They are larger and longer quirky and rustic at all.  So.  This brings a new element to our wedding decor that we can choose to either gripe with...or just ignore.  Ignoring it would be fine...we'd just throw some ivory tablecloths on 'em a few jars of flowers and call it a day.  (Which is what we will probably do.)

Except, I want to spend a day or two thinking of something interesting.  I wonder if there is a super affordable way for us to make the environment more reflective of the rustic mountain lodge that we sought.   Originally, we loved the little wood tables and rustic chairs so much, we weren't going to use tablecloths at all!!  So now you understand this lame predicament - and I know it doesn't matter...and it's totally insignificant...but help me brainstorm anyway. 

 100 Layer Cake - clever way to use pinecones.  I love clever.  And pinecones.
Also, I may have loads at my disposal.  Which is a plus.
*(Chris - please don't throw away annnny more of your pinecones!)

 100 Layer Cake - creative use of wood...but our tables are round.

Burlap! I could do this look on a round table...
the easiest would probably be to make large squares
and put them in the center of the table???  or make runners?
What does burlap cost?  Any sweet uses afterward??
hummm...via flowerchild

Huge fan of this...I'll make one someday.  But I'm not making 16 (that's how many tables we have).  
But I wonder, what if every table just has a few doilies in the middle??
Of course, that would mean I'd have to hunt this stuff down.  Soooo...this is a no go.

All things to think about.  I think I'm leaning towards the pine cones.  
We will have to spray the hell out of them with bug-spray to ensure no creepy crawlers.
Oh.  And the burlap.
I like the wood....but I dunno where we would find 16 chunks of cheap/free wood.


  1. i LOVE the pinecones and burlap...Love it!

  2. For additional brainstorming, check out this picture:

    Then ponder replacing the cake with flower arrangements. I think it would work for a round table. You could also do little wood "medallions" +/- pebbles or pinecones between vases.

    As for where to find a tree/log/wood-check with your nearest park service or recreation district (or the one nearest your spot in Flagstaff). Possibly even nearby ski slopes? These places have to deal with damaged, "must remove", and fallen trees frequently. My experience has been if you're willing to come and move it/take it away, you can have the wood.

  3. This website has some resources for finding reclaimed wood in various areas including AZ:

    Muslin is also a cheap fabric that you could use-- I saw one picture somewhere that had muslin tablecloths with (I think) long runners of craft paper (which is cheap!) and then the flower arrangements were just placed on the paper. It actually looked really nice. You could re-purpose the muslin for towels or napkins and recycle the paper-- I don't know anything about what else to do with burlap.

  4. We're going with the burlap runners as well! We have mostly round tables except for the head table...but are still doing the runners. I thought about the large square but decided to go with runners just to make it easier. If you're looking for some cheap burlap, the best I could find was You can order samples too which helped me decide which one to go with! Who knew there were so many different burlap colors?!

  5. I can't believe Snowbowl ditched those beautiful tables and chairs! There has to be a really great reason... right?? I mean what in the H were they thinking. I totally hear you on the burlap. I saw a post about it on someone else's blog and totally fell in love. Its the perfect way to dress up a table while keeping a rustic/simple theme. The pinecones will be perfection. Good luck :)

  6. How about burlap tablecloths instead of the ivory ones? Isn't burlap supposed to be inexpensive? Can someone sew them? Or maybe just cut them out?

  7. Oh I hear you on this...I obsessed over this for a while and think we finally landed on something but it's funny we had all those same ideas and are meshing several together. Our venue offers the round tables but we are renting long banquet tables for our picnic the next day so we are going to use those for the wedding too to create the long table look. We decided on burlap table clothes and for centerpieces we have big wood rounds (DIY project from family members) and the doilies. I got a ton of clearanced doilies at Urban Outfitters but you could probably find other spots (check Craigs List). I like giving the rustic (wood) and little bit of a facelift with a romantic/elegant look (doilies). If you lived closer I'd give you some extra wood cuts - we'll never use all of this

  8. I'm totally in the same predicament!
    I've been thinking about doing the burlap thing too. Another idea I have, that may work for you, is using contractor's paper as table runners or as "place mats"- basically it butcher paper that is brown paper bag material. It's super cheap: $10 for 140ft x 35" and can be found at hardware stores. It's got that rustic, course feel. Plus if you scatter some pens on the table your guest can have fun writing msgs/drawing which may become neat keepsakes!
    Just another idea for you to ponder...

  9. I vote for pine cones and burlap too!

    I did burlap runners. The burlap was about $6 a yard. I cut 6 yards of burlap into six runners.

    Jess, they are yours if you want them!

  10. if you are going to get to a coast at all before before your wedding you could possibly use drift wood!

    we're planning on navy blue table linens with drift wood in the middle and oh i love the burlap idea too!

  11. the burlap looks fantastic. you could also do cheesecloth or a natural muslin (which you can get really cheap). And I'm sure you can order the burlap or muslin cheaply by the bolt.

  12. This company rents burlap tablecloths.


  13. Yeah I wouldn't know what to do with burlap after the wedding too. I bought tons of fabric from India intending runners for our original wedding but ended up using them for BM dresses.

    Hmm how about colored jars/glasses with whatever knick/knacks flowers represent you? I wanted to do pictures in the middle but didn't have time.
    Here is one doily site - man 1000 is a lot!

  14. I like the wood "runner". Who thinks this stuff up?! So many ideas, so little time :)

  15. I love the burlap! We use burlap in our garden as a shade or you can use it to help deter weeds :c)

    The doilies are really cute, too. Maybe you could just put several in the center of the round tables?[0]=vintage&filter[1]=home_decor

  16. @ everyone - GREAT ideas y'all!! I'm so inspired right now :-)

  17. I used burlap for tablecloths, and put lace down the center, with clear jars (ie: old sauce, salsa jars we saved) and DIY flowers as decor. It actually looked amazing, and was cheap and simple. No need to hem anything! Not sure what we are going to do with all that burlap now though...

  18. Our tables will be round too so I'm wondering what to do with them. I wanted round so that everyone could see one another better but it does leave less design options (at least in my opinion). I'd say go with burlap on top of ivory table cloths. Rustic but pulled together and not trashy looking. I wouldn't do a runner but a circle in the center with your jars and flowers and if you really want to add some doilies as well! That would be CUTE.

  19. love all of these looks but i definitely have a soft spot in my heart for doilies. i recently purchased a doily table runner from a really great seller on etsy who has lots of options (if you ever need some). i plan on using it at my craft fair this weekend :)

  20. Love the burlap table runners and pinecones...We are getting married in Colorado and pinecones are abundant and it seems my fiancee already loves them as we have them scattered through our home!
    Anybody have burlap table runners they would like to get rid of? We haven't decided on round or banquet style yet? Thinking smokey blue table cloths, white napkins, potted plants as centerpieces with some logs??



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