Sunday, April 25, 2010

sponsor round-up sunday

Here's the next installment highlighting the AMAZING talent of the friends/artists/vendors/sponsors of A Mountain Bride.  Shopping on Sunday mornings might just be my new favorite thing.

 A friend of mine only fills her cupboards with handmade mugs, bowls and plates.
Nothing matches.  And every piece is heavy, unique, and feels special.
Having coffee at her place rocks.

Oooooo I love this!  Reusable too...even better.

Wouldn't this even be perfect to adorn a wedding cake!?

I'm such a fan of their creations...I won a button ring of theirs on a blog contest last year...
and have since purchased a couple additional "friends" for it. 
I get loads of compliments.

I purchased my first QuirkyBeauty headband a little over a month ago. 
I all but sleep in it.  It sparkles in the Arizona sun...and I'm addicted to it.
Now I want the green one....for summer.


  1. Those handmade mugs are wonderful!
    Honored to be included in this highlight of nature-inspired loveliness - - thank you!

  2. Love your blog as always and thanks for including my headband!

  3. I love this collection especially the hairflower and headband.

  4. Hey! Luke and I decided to register for handmade pottery for our dishes. China just doesn't fit in with our lifestyle. The dishes are so gorgeous and the man that makes them is freakin awesome. Love those mugs!!



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