Friday, April 23, 2010

my bridal shower: activities

"If Tommy could pick one word to describe you, what would it be?"
My answer: "AMAZING!"
Tommy's answer: "Best!"
I win.  Amazing, I'm pretty sure, is the right answer there. *wink*

My biggest fear about going to "showers" are the awkward games. Fortunately the majority of events at my shin dig were spent in laughter and conversation and catching up. My sisters are rock stars and didn't pick loads of lame awkward games. They picked a couple little activities that were fun, no stress, and moved quickly.


- lots of cards were laid out on a large table with a "question" on one side and the blank side facing down.
- while people were mingling and drinking they were invited to "answer" these questions about the Bride/Groom on the blank side
- example questions:
"Where did the couple meet?
"Who is on top?"
"What is the couple's song"
"What is the Bride's biggest pet peeve?"
"Who is the better driver?" get the idea...

Question:  What's your guilty pleasure?
My answer:  "blogging?"
Tommy's answer for me:  "American Idol."
I fail.  Tommy wins point. (I clearly don't feel guilty about blogging anymore)

- the groom's responses to those questions were answered earlier and photographed using a white board with his answers. these pictures were then uploaded to a computer using powerpoint (I've seen a similar game played using a video)
- the bride is then given the white board, and is asked the same question and writes her answer on the white board and keeps it a secret
- the bride then reads the responses compiled by the guests (which were always hilarious... and frequently... sexual??)
- then the bride shares her answer with the guests
- then the picture of the groom holding his response to the question is shown.
- the point is to see how many the bride and groom can answer the same (yo - Tommy and I did end up winning this game...seriously.)

*maybe it was the Sangria and the wine consumed by the guests - but this was really really amusing. Especially the pseudo inappropriate questions and answers. Not awkward. Totally fun.  (well....potentially awkward for my mother...but with three crazy daughters I think she has come to terms with our humor)

...moving on...

cute little bags that we will be re-using for out of town bags...and no I'm not replacing the pink...
I don't actually care that much...though I though about it.

ACTIVITY: Scrapbook Cookbook
This was actually a surprise that I knew nothing about.

My sisters requested everyone come to the shower with a recipe to share with me (very classic bridal shower ritual...every shower I've ever been to has done this!)   But THEN, little paper bags were passed out that had all sorts of scrapbooking goodies inside. So, the ladies were to decorate their recipe on a fun 8.5x11 scrapbook paper to add to "My Family" cookbook (which is a collection of our families recipes that my little sister compiled a couple years ago as a Christmas present.) This activity didn't take much time, maybe 15 minutes or so.

And now I have such a beautiful treasure! I LOVED this. I even got the recipe for our wedding cake - how cool is that? Oh. And what was extra special was that they included Tommy's relatives, and my Aunt, who all live far away, to participate in this activity. And they each sent their own special recipes on pages that they decorated themselves for my cookbook. How sweet right!? I really really love this.

Such a great day with my best girls.  I got some great group shots (thanks Dad)!  Since not everyone is into being on blogs... I'll end this post with a pic of my bridesmaids...(minus Jane who lives far far away in Rhode Island.)

Four of my these girls.


  1. I just forwarded this post to my MOH for inspiration... lol

  2. I love your expressions! Oh and we're bridal shower twins - my lovely ladies had my guests write down recipes for me too.

  3. Your 'mades are lovely, and I'm glad you enjoyed your shower games!

  4. The recipe book is great! And the decorated pages! I do know of one fun party game. You write down the names of famous people and pin them on the back of each guest without their knowing "who" they are. Then that guest has to wander around (with a drink in their hand) asking people questions about their identity - like am I an actor? - am I in such-n-such line of work? They keep asking questions until they guess who they are. It's really fun and unfolds in a leisurely way.

  5. Ditto Lori, the recipe book is fantastic. Looks like much fun. Great idea!

  6. a scrapbook cookbook is such a great idea!

  7. Your shower looks like fun! I sort of dread going to these most of the time!

  8. You and your bridesmaids are a stylish bunch! :)



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