Saturday, April 24, 2010

words to my love

Dear Tommy,

Your laugh is always
the best part.
It spears me with sunbeams
and belly butterflies.
Let's always seek the humor.
Mmm K?
Even when our teeth rest in jars
next to us as we sleep.
Let's giggle and grin and chuckle,
My smile lives where your smile lives.
And it always will.



  1. Oh so sweet! You need to keep this poem so you two can laugh about it when your teeth really do rest in jars. :) Hope you are well, Jessica!

  2. I love it that you do words of love each weekend. It's a sweet reminder of what weddings, and engagements, and marriage (not in that order of course) are all about.

    Yes, I love all of the creative details that go into weddings. But I appreciate and adore the love between two people even more. You are one of a few bloggers who really make a point focus on this; it's really refreshing!



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