Tuesday, April 6, 2010

victory #12: bigfoot bbq

Tommy and I made a quick trip up to Flagstaff earlier this year to check out the mad fab cuisine at Bigfoot BBQ for our "welcome dinner." Their prices are fantastic, and it's in a funky area of downtown Flagstaff that we thought could be perfecto to welcome our fam and friends to the area.

We were right.

The food was CRAZY YUM. Holy cow. We ordered one of everything on the menu to see what we like most for our big dinner. In the end, it doesn't matter. It all rocked. I've never been so full in my life. It was so good. Tommy had to roll me out of that place.

The only problem is - how many people we can fit in. They can't accommodate more than 50 people. SO. We might have to hold our breath for lovely weather and have the event catered outside at a park, or ask guests to stagger their attendance (can you do that? I'm not sure you can do that? anyway.) 

...attractive...I know...real attractive...


  1. Mmm... now you are making me crave some barbeque!

    I say smoosh them all into the place. Makes for some cozy fun!

  2. this place rocks...i totally love your style!

  3. Yum!!! It looks like E and I should have eaten there more often on our excursions. Now I want BBQ... and I was just getting so happy that I was being good and eating veggie's and hummus.

    I don't know if you could stagger... seems to complicated. Nice weather, there has to be nice weather!!!

  4. So awesome! I think nice weather is in order. I hope you are doing better. sorry about the car again. ugh.

  5. Have you already sent out invites/announcements for the dinner? If not, you could announce it as a "drop in for dinner between x and x", and let the guests stagger their own arrivals. For a casual, hang-out feel I think that would work well (this restaurant looks perfect for casual hang-out gatherings). It would also prevent stress for those traveling in right before the dinner or who get caught by other "real life" stuff and need to come late or leave early.



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