Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ear dangles - gems

KasiaBlue - $32

Today, I went browsin' for gemstone earrings...and I'm sensing a trend of what I'm attracted to...a big gemstone base...but still a little more on the simple side. And apparently I'm drawn to the blue topaz/aquamarine blues and the citrine yellows at the moment. These are delish.

Except, I'm still not sold on wearing any particular color for the wedding.  And after loads of time lookin' at ear-wear...I think I might wear a pair I already have!  


  1. Earrings were the absolute last thing I bought. I had something in mind and just couldnt find them. I ended up scouring the mall the day before the wedding and "settling" on a pair. But seriously, it didn't matter in the end! they looked fine!

  2. pretty!!!!! I love it!

  3. unless of course you were to win a pair from Pretty As A Posie on my blog...
    shameless? :)



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