Thursday, April 29, 2010

victory #14: flowers

noooo my flowers aren't like this...but I think this bouquet has some serious pizazz.

After hours and hours of different flower scenarios floating through my head making me half batty...I finally settled down...took a few deep breaths...and ordered our blooms.  Yippeeee!!

Having a destination wedding is a tad tricky for things like flowers.  With the wild and weird weather that hits Arizona, I can't quite depend on the Flagstaff farmer's market in late May to have flowers for our shin dig.  Plus, finding an affordable florist in an area I don't live in was really really tricky.  For me, it was impossible.  If I had loads of time to make calls, email back and forth, make a special trips up the mountain for might have been a different story. 

So the day before the wedding, we'll be the "flower girls"...prepping, arranging, and popping them in glass jars.

I picked garden roses and ranunculus.  Then added some wild-esque types like hypericium berries, thistle, asters, and bupleurium. 

I feel so good about this.  My heart is calm.  The calm before the storm perhaps?

*note:  we went with 50flowers because I have friends in real life and in blog life that were very happy with them  :-)


  1. Congrats on solidifying the flower issue. We're currently trying to do the same and although I'd love to depend on local farmer's markets too, it isn't feasible for us either. So we're ordering flowers at cost from a local florist because it's pretty much our only option for the flowers we want. Although it'll be a lot of work, I'm actually looking forward to putting together the bouquets with the girls. I think its the calm before the storm indeed, haha.

  2. Yay, yay, yay! I can't wait to see how everything turns out. And... it will all be gorgeous.

  3. Please, please, please tell us where you ordered from! I have been checking out a few online flower wholesalers, and the variety and prices really seem to differ. I would love to know who you chose...

  4. It's going to be BEAUTIFUL!!! I cannot WAIT to see how they turn out :) xoxo

  5. hooray! roses and ranunculas are so pretty together.

  6. The only thing that really terrifies me about doing my own flowers are the bouts for the boys. Don't want to deal with it, so will maybe find something non-living for them.

    Yay for you!

  7. I KNOW the flowers will be beautiful. ;)

  8. Have you posted photos of your wedding flowers? Please do tell....

  9. Nice idea. Was putting them together yourself stressful?



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