Tuesday, April 13, 2010

vows that wow

 picture from A Practical Wedding - read about this forest lovefest here!

So I've been quiet when it comes to the conversation about our ceremony vows.  I'm not holding out on you or anything...I'm actually too terrified to begin writing.  Like - I have no idea where to start - what to say - how do I pick and choose what elements to include?  These are, quite possibly, the most sacred words I will ever recite in my life...and there is simply so much to say.  Just thinking about it makes my nose bright red and my eyes leak because the man I'm about to marry is so incredible...I really am the luckiest.


When it comes to vows, I'm MUCH more of an "I do" kinda gall, especially with the sobs of happiness I'm anticipating.  I've already mentioned, my guy is allllll about crafting our ceremony and making it ours.  But I think that even if I lovingly composed a sonnet fit for publication, I would read it all wrong...I would rush through it, not give emphasis at the proper places, probably giggle or something embarrassing AND cry at the same time.  Good Lord save me from that monstrosity. 

And then I found this AMAAZINGNESS over at Veiled Vows...and think it's a beautiful thing.  We can craft it to our desires, and yet, have the harmoniously simplistic response of "We do."  

I wonder what my loverboy will think of this?

Malina: Megan and Bob are excited today not only because they can share their love for each other, but also because they have the opportunity to express their aspirations for the future. Megan and Bob, do you promise to help each other to grow, cultivating compassion, generosity, and patience, continuously challenging each other to become better people?

Megan and Bob: We do.

Malina: Do you promise to seek to understand yourselves, and each other, to examine your own minds continually and to regard all life with curiosity and joy?

Megan and Bob: We do.

Malina: Do you promise day to day, to be patient with yourselves and others, knowing that change comes slowly and gradually, and to seek inspiration not to become discouraged?

Megan and Bob: We do.

Malina: Do you promise to remain optimistic that you can achieve your dreams both together and independently? Do you promise to help each other achieve your goals and hold each others’ hands through successes and failures?

Megan and Bob: We do.

Malina: Do you promise to always laugh, make each other smile and never take life too seriously? Do you promise to see your life together as the adventure that it is, full of challenges and new experiences, delicious food and great friends?

Megan and Bob: We do.

Malina: I now invite Bob and Meg to exchange rings.

Him: Take this ring as a reminder of all my promises and a choice, made every day, to be in love.

Me: Take this ring as a reminder of all my promises and a choice, made every day, to be in love.

Malina: No one but you can declare yourselves married, despite the rights my online ordination by the Church of Universal Life may confer. You started your lives together 3 years ago and start the rest of them today.

Begin this crazy thing called marriage then, with a kiss.


  1. God I love that part, a choice, made everyday, to be IN love.

    Honestly this whole thing is much more my style than what we did... but my guy really wanted to write our own. So I did it for him, and it was totally worth it. But I like the idea of agreeing together with one voice, that we do.

  2. I guess that anything you wrote yourselves could be read by the officiant, leaving you to only have to respond. That's a good idea!

  3. That is super sweet. I think it come across just as personal as you saying ityourself.

  4. Those are beautiful vows. I like the fact that that they differ from the norm. That said, I also like the more traditional "till death do us part" notion...it's nice to acknowledge the "forever" aspect of marriage. :)


  5. vows really are the most important thing in the wedding! Our guests had a lot to say about ours!

  6. We are so on the same timeline - we are scripting our ceremony too. We are having our friend marry us who has never done a wedding so it's new to all of us. In fact I just sent him some ideas we have for the ceremony and he's flying down next weekend to go over things with us. I think we are at the point we are going to write our own vows...I feel it's so personal but I love the repeat after me too. I'm with you - this is so hard but so important!

  7. Love love love. I totally hear you on the crying thing. Every time I think about something to do with getting married I get teary.

  8. I love the way you answer "We Do" together, that is really so sweet.We all know that wedding vows are the most important part of the wedding and I think if I'm on your part I would really cry because of happiness.

  9. I'm much more of a "we do" gal too! This is a beautiful spin on an old tradition. woohoo

  10. I LOVE this!

    I'm gonna add a touch more into it, however.... it's simple.. I love simple.

    Thanks for always being my inspiration!



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