Wednesday, April 14, 2010

wedding wish wednesday #30: cherish the details

 One Love Photo - captures details like this...of laughter and life (and all the pretty table decorations too...)

So I've purposely been cautious about "details" of the wedding.  Mostly because,  well, we are on a strict budget...but also because I realize that a wedding celebration does not live in the details of its's in the laughter...the fellowship...the friendships...the tears...and the sacred vows of forever.  It's a day that is bigger than cake toppers, jewelry and designer flower arrangements.  It's about the celebration itself - not about crafting blog worthy wedding design.

I wholeheartedly agree.  Except.  I enjoy design.  And though I proclaim to enjoy simplicity...I am also one who notices, and appreciates, details. (A Los Angeles Love composed a fantastic post on this recently and I felt terribly compelled to share.)  There is no shame is wanting to create a beautiful wedding experience...or a beautiful life.  Take my home for example, I frequently meander around my own living room and stop to gaze at my collected artwork..I recall where I acquired each piece...why I selected it...and how much joy it brings me.  I enjoy touching my treasures...holding in my hand the smooth glass of my Venetian vase..the cold copper of my Mexican "spring break 2003" lantern...the intricate metal wrapping of my Big Ben "Europe with my friends in 2000" sculpture...and I'm taken back to those adventures.  I don't just surround myself with beautiful mementos...I choose to live among make them a part of me. 

I want each detail we bring to our wedding to be meaningful and deliberate.  If it doesn't mean anything, or if it's just for show, I want to scrap it...not waste a second of my life creating it.   For example, we don't need menu cards...but I do want our guests to have ceremony programs (because I always appreciate a program at weddings...if only to answer my, "who is that?" questions).  We don't need an aisle or alter dripping with roses...but I would love to dine with a beautiful collection of flower filled jars on the table.  I don't need an expensive dress or a glamorous look to feel like a bride...but I still want to feel special and look pretty.  We may not have the most eloquent Shakespeare-esque vows of love ever composed...but they will be ours...and I can't wait to hear Tommy speak them.    Some details, the really good ones - are going to be so worth the effort we put into them.

So as our wedding comes around that corner, I want to enjoy these last few weeks of preparation...knowing that what I am choosing to spend my time on will be reflective and meaningful and (hopefully) pretty.  These weeks leading up to the wedding are memory makers too - and I want them to be full of details of their own...of me actually living...not stressing over wedding minutia.


  1. are very smart! I too really want to enjoy this time with my Guy reflecting on the past, present and future. I've put a moratorium on any more projects - I did get a little caught up in the details and now scrambling to complete all of this stuff but it's really about enjoying the moment!

  2. dont forget the natural details of nature around you...which is breathtaking and always perfect without any work at all!

  3. Well said. I think the weeks leading up to the wedding are important also. I think I want to take the approach athletes take. The ramp method. Where you workout really hard, then start to work out less and less as the event approaches.

  4. Well said indeed. I'm hoping to use things in decorating the reception venue that we can keep.

  5. Great post! I too have a house filled with travel memories and could never bear to part with them! I kept my extra menu cards though! Just a piece of all the details that came together! All DIY, mind you! :)



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