Wednesday, April 7, 2010

wedding colors annoy me

I recently had lunch with a bunch of girl friends from school - we have all been scattered throughout the country at various hospitals doing our rotations, so getting together was a lot of fun.  (love them!)  Anyway.  Everyone wanted to know about the wedding - *blush* - and interestingly enough, the majority of conversation fluctuated around "our wedding colors."

What are your colors?  
What color are your bridesmaids wearing?
What color are your flowers?
Your shoes?
Your grooms 'bout?
Your invitations?

You get the picture.  These are smart women...all future doctors...and all future brides...and here we were discussing wedding colors.  Because, it's easy to talk's a universal wedding conundrum...and it's easy to get a mental image of how things will look.  Right? 

I gotta be honest.  I sheepishly dodged these questions.  Felt like I was a little bit on foreign soil.  We don't exactly HAVE wedding colors.  Can I say that?  Yes, yes I can.  We don't have wedding colors.

Yes, my bridesmaids are wearing gray...I love gray...goes with everything and can be worn a zillion times over...I'm into that.  And I have colored shoes...yes...I'll show you soon.  Our invitations have green and yellow on them...but we have no idea what flowers we will have.  I guess some might think it sounds like a clusterf*ck.

I'm not going to lie, I always felt like we should have colors - that's how every wedding website is weddings, pink weddings, purple weddings, yellow weddings.  If we didn't fit into a color category, how would our wedding catalog itself?  But...I've wizened up.  Nothing about those wedding sites impress me anymore...I'm not living up to them, I'm not attempting to live up to them...we are making our own rules now.  And I choose no colors. 

I'm not anti-color.  I'm the opposite.  I'm a color worshiper.  But that doesn't mean I want to walk into our reception and feel like someone vomited the color yellow all over the place.  (I actually love the color yellow...and feel that it's the color that defines my spirit...if spirits were to be defined visually.)

So there you have it.  We don't have wedding colors.  I bet it turns out just fine.  Lovely, even.  And who the end we might just deck the whole place out in yellow anyway.


  1. Wedding colors are definitely NOT required. I dodged those questions, and we did choose some colors. Even so we chose some, we did not limit ourselves to them, and our flowers were all colors of beautiful local flowers--it was beautiful! (and your wedding will be too!)

  2. My Mum keeps asking me what our wedding colours are.

    For the Aussie wedding, I'm just going to wait until we go shopping for bridesmaid dresses. Then, whatever matches them will be our wedding colours. So there.

  3. our colors are happiness and joy. Bam. there you go.

  4. i SO hear you on the color thing! i'm incapable of choosing one color over another for our wedding too - i just love them all. there is nothing wrong with having a bunch of different colors because, lets face it - colors are fun and weddings should be as well.

  5. Yellow vomit. Love it.

    Your colors are clear. Yup. That is the color of your dress as well.

  6. Yeah, I'm with you. It seems like that's the first question everybody always asks, and we don't have them. Oh sure, over time we've developed a general idea, but... I'm not getting out the swatchbook, you know?

    Revel in it. Your "colorless" wedding will be gorgeous.

  7. Yeah, I didn't have wedding colors so much as a wedding theme. We ended up with lots of colors, and with mixed results. When Groom took bridesmaid dress shopping two days before the wedding, while Man of honor and I DIYed the cake and favors, he forgot about the iris bouquets. They bought an orange and cream colored dress. It was really pretty, but every time I see the portraits I think to myself, "go Clemson?"

    LOL, but we had a fantastic time nonetheless. I'd rather have fun than magazine perfect details any day.

  8. I love that you don't let tradition define you and your wedding. We have colors for our what's now just an anniversary party, not a "big" wedding like we'd planned, but I plan to use that term very liberally because there is going to be A LOT of other colors all over the place and I'm more than okay with breaking the rules.

  9. @cupcake
    I'm with you on that one.

    I too, am a color worshiper. I love them more than anything. Which is why I could never limit us to one or two. And I do get plenty of weird looks when I say we don't have wedding colors. Just like I got weird looks from the bridal salon owner when I told her I didn't care what my bridesmaids wore. I think most people assume every wedding includes certain things and when they realize that mine/yours doesn't seem to fit into those parameters, it's somehow weird. Wedding stereotyping at its best.

  10. I somewhat picked a color - a greyish purple but now I've ended up with straight grey bridesmaid dresses. Some of the decor is purple and green. We have some red mixed in. It's really all over the place but I've at least tried to stick to a little bit of consistency. I just like color so bring it on I guess.

  11. I don't know . . . having the colors less static seems more modern to me. I didn't know people asked about colors so much! And you wrote my favorite swear word of all time . . . "clusterf*ck". ;)

  12. People would ask me "what are your colors" and I would say "pretty ones." My shoes were a metallic pink, bridesmaids in a gorgeous blue, my mama in purple, Eric had a yellow tie, my flowers were wildflowers. And you know what? It works itself out. Your wedding is not a child's birthday party. It can be whatever you want.

  13. I'm getting the same thing all the dang time. Apparently we are supposed to pick one main color and two accent colors. Pishaw. Our colors are "woodsy" -- including but not limited to: dark greens, browns, dark figgy purple, navy, some blues, some grey, etc and some yellow accents. But seriously? That's pretty much every color besides red and hot pink. People look at me like I'm crazy. I don't think it is, but even if it was, I'm pretty sure we'll still be married at the end of the day.

  14. You're fine! There's no reason to HAVE to have specific colors.... or themes for that matter.

  15. People talk about colors because it's an easy jumping off point. sure, we don't always move past the jumping off point and on to more elaborate subject matter because it's fun.
    But you do have colors: grey and mountain-top. everything goes with grey and mountain-top. and by everything, I mean all the other colors that will be there. I think there is nothing worse than an all pink, or all yellow, or all white wedding. it just starts to look just like matchy-matchy color vomit. give me smashing color any day.

    I did well with my fire-y dahlia colors, but then I kind of hemmed myself in with the navy and orange thing. many colors is many colors of beautiful. and that's what you have. all kinds of beautiful!

  16. i have to say i started out with a color idea since it helped me narrow down the bazillion things i wanted to do/make. but now my colors are just whatever makes me happy :)

  17. I get so tired of that kind of conversation! We also do not have "wedding colors." There will be color, of course, just not coordinating linens, bridesmaids dresses, ribbons, tableware, and flowers. I don't exactly get why we all think we are supposed to have wedding colors, but it was a challenge for me to get my head around the idea that it is ok to not have official and dreadfully obvious wedding colors.

  18. Jes girl... I swear we are two peas in a colorless/multicolored pod. I HATE the color question... and then the shock/confusion that follows my answer of "we don't have colors..."

    Alison M.

  19. I like that you don't have wedding colors. Reminds me of when people ask what the "theme" is for a new baby's room. Such a ridiculous question!

  20. we don't have a color theme.

    when people ask me what colors we're doing, I used to say, "we're not doing colors." and people thought I meant we were doing black and white.

    then I started saying "we're doing all colors. why limit ourselves?" and people (friends, loved ones--strangers!) worried that everything wouldn't match.

    oh, the horror of incorporating more than 3 colors into your wedding day...



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