Wednesday, April 21, 2010

wedding wish wednesday #31: win the lottery

Ha!  Obviously.  Doesn't everyone wish they could win the lottery.  (I do, however, feel like I hit the "love lottery" with my future husband.  I know I corny...don't care!).   Like I've said before, these are my wedding wishes and I can wish for whatever I want.  Tonight, I am attending a financial seminar held at my I've got $$$ on the brain. 

Tommy and I set a reasonable budget for this little wedding of ours.  We are paying for it ourselves...on a medical student and teacher salary.  Which is somewhat laughable.   As soooo many of you are in the same situation, you know... it's super tough!  We could have scrapped the whole thing and opted for a romantic elopement...but we didn't...we want a wedding!!  Unfortunately, life threw some weird shit at us - like a car accident, a couple funky car breakdowns, and a fried laptop, not to mention expensive board exams, and loads and loads of unanticipated expensive traveling for school.  So our budget had to change.  Which made things a lil more tough.  But - we are pulling it together.  At the end of the day, all we feel is blessed. Crazy, super, unbelievably blessed.  Poor, yes...but beautifully blessed.

If we won the lottery, we'd do cartwheels all day.  We'd pay off my student loan debt...Tommy's student loan debt...and my sister's student loan debt.  We'd replace one of our wickedly old cars with a Subaru*...pick up a bottle of  exceptional wine...and call it a day. 

I feel like after this wedding, I'm not going to want to spend any money for a long long time.  Scratch that...I'm not going to have any money to spend for a very long long time.  Which is why the idea of winning the lottery is absolutely charming to entertain.   What would you do if you won the lottery? 

*I dunno...I'm really into Subaru's these days.  When I see them on the road they are usually splattered with mud, which means they are out having adventures.


  1. Good lottery vibes your way. Fingers crossed...

  2. We have the same wedding wish! :)

  3. oh I don't know, maybe jump off a building with happiness. No but wait, i'd be dead and won't be able to enjoy it. Maybe a little building. Or I probably would just help out all friends and family especially with student loans and mortgages and then i'd have a big ass wedding with all the fixins or maybe not, I dunno.

  4. hmmmm...we'd probably continue traveling the world...we feel totally blessed to be able to pull off traveling as much as we are though!

    and yes...i'm all about the subarus!

  5. Oh god this is subaru country out here. Everyone hip has a subaru with eat locally, save the trees, climb mountains, bike love stickers all over it. kind of freaks me out even though i love it all. there's so many people like me, but they're all driving little vehicles around with the same stickers posted all over them. it's like i'm surrounded by a population cloned to itself.

    anyway, about the lottery. i'm with you. debt, debt, debt. Then new vehicles that wouldn't break down, nice camera equipment, all the recording stuff/instruments evan wanted, and a huge piece of land to build a log cabin on. and my sisters debt. and a trip overseas. and... yeah. i'd like to win the lottery too.

    i guess that involves buying tickets.

  6. you have to play to win:) at least that's what they say...and i listen usually.

  7. Good wishes! Let's see, first I would tell my parents that we will be paying for our anniversary party and then give them back any money they already spent. And pay them back other money we owe them. Then pay off my husband's car and buy ME a car so that we can give my car which is actually my parents car back. And then the rest I'd put in a CD for buying a future home. =]

  8. If we won the lottery we'd pay off bills, put enough away for Peyton to attend the college of her dreams, and then TRAVEL!!!!!!!! Thanks for letting me dream a bit!

  9. I love the love lottery too!

    Money lottery wise, travel! Maybe an island in the south pacific?

  10. Yes. Oh the things that I would do and see if I won the lottery.



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