Tuesday, April 20, 2010

our wedding cake...a trial run...

I have a cake fairy...her wedding gift to us is a homemade, yummy, frosted, wedding cake.  She's a peach and frequently sends me wedding inspiration...the girl knows her weddings!  A while back she emailed me a picture of the prettiest, sweetest lil swirly frosted cake ever...and I was hooked. Last weekend she created a mini trial run cake for us...to see if we like the flavor, the frosting, and the texture of her swirls.

All three were big fat A+'s! (the cake itself is a spiced pear cake...with a cream cheese frosting....dear God...it is yumminess incarnate.) 

Side note....the ripples in that frosting are totally bodacious.

And it was uber delicious!


  1. Now this post is just plain CRUEL. You had me at the first glimpse of fluffy white frosting. And then you had to type "Spiced Pear Cake" which I've never heard of and now want desperately to try. If only wishing would make it so. ;)

  2. I love the little white frosted cake look too! We must be sisters :)

  3. For real - spiced pear with cream cheese frosted and homemade! I love this cake - YUM!

  4. the frosting! yes yes yes
    this is going to be so great for your day

  5. mmmm.. love the texture in the frosting! you're very lucky to have such a friend!!!

  6. looks like it's coming right along!! i wish i knew a fabulous cake extrodinare!

  7. thanks for the delicious picture with the mouth-watering description!!!

    Now I have a cake-craving. :(

    Ok, seriously, the cake looks amazing!!!!

  8. Oh my, that looks so good!

  9. Spiced pear with cream cheese frosting? Yum!

    And I love that it's "messy" and swirly. Truth be told, fondant kind of turns me off - it looks so...inedible.


  10. we have similar taste in cake styles, AND i have my very own cake fairy!

    life is good

  11. woohoo! cake! Im making ours and yours is very similar to what ours is going to look like and im going to stick some big old roses in there too. Fondant be gone! Cream Cheese frosting is in!



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