Sunday, May 16, 2010

14 days and a registry re-do

*a smooch from our surprise engagement party last August!*

FOURTEEN DAYS!!!!  Holy smokes.  So excited....every moment, every breath has a sparkle of specialness to it.  Do you know what I mean?

As we are packing up our home, and getting boxes ready for donations (and for my sisters to inherit) I snuck a peek at our wedding registry.  I was curious to see what items people had purchased for us.  I have no idea why I felt guilty doing this.  Anyway....

To my surprise, there were about 25 items that were no longer available for our guests to purchase!  Our pots & pans, bed sheets, and other goodies were either "out of stock" or no longer being sold!  I had a mini freak out.  Ha!  So we had to go through it and modify our wish list.  (make sure you keep up with the registry  - a lot of items are replaced seasonally!) 

I get so nostalgic about our registry stuff, knowing that with some luck we might just be blessed with some of those things.  It will be awesome to have our own home, just the two of us, with new "grown up" stuff.  I've long gotten over the awkwardness of "wedding presents."  I remember when the whole "engagement" thing began, I was nervous about making a "list" of things we wanted.  Except, now I realize that wedding presents are really really freaking radical!


  1. completely! I'm so excited to have grown up stuff too! And look back years from now and say, "We got that for our wedding!" AWWW!!!

  2. Wow, can't believe you have to RE-register. "Oh bother" said Winnie-The-Pooh. ;)

  3. tell me about it! people get so annoyed if you DON'T have a registry these days. makes it so much easier on everyone. we also totally did not go for the conventional wedding registry - we chose and suggested some sporting equipment from REI, a honeymoon cash gift fund, and even a few knickknacks from Esty and our guests said it was fun to go through so yeahy! good luck with your wedding! :)



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