Monday, May 17, 2010

name changing stuff

I have noticed some interesting conversations about the whole name change thing around the web.  It's clearly a hot/sensitive topic that many love to debate about.  In my own personal  life - it's not really a topic of conversation.  The majority of my friends have taken their husbands name.  I have one friend whose husband took her name.  A few of my friends now have hyphenated names.   And a few family members and friends who have chosen to keep their birth name. Except, it's never been an issue...these families do what they want... and that's that.  No odd pressure, no social out-casting, nothing of the sort.

I never felt pressure either way...I don't even feel stigmas with retaining my name or opting to change my name.  So I'm never really one to join any of the debates.  One of my friends emailed me a bunch of INTERESTING articles pertaining to name changing trends in our country...thought I would pass it along to fine ladies.  Thanks Lori!

"The State of the Maiden Name" - Slate

"A new comfort zone? Fewer women keeping names on marriage" - Harvard Gazette

"Why should a baby get their father's name?" - Salon

Lucy Stone League Website -promotes equality in name designations for men, women and their children

"What's the deal with last names in Spain?" - Erik's blog


  1. Thanks for passing these along! I wouldn't say I feel pressured or even feel stigmas but between the mister and I its a hot topic that has resulted in some heated discussions. I've just glanced at a few of these but really look forward to reading them all! Thanks!

  2. I didn't have any problem with stigma or pressure. I am not sure what you are planning to do, but once you have a established medical practice it is much harder to change names (LOTS of paperwork). I was 6 years in when we got married and I have not changed my name and may not becuase of the sheer hassle. There do exist companies that will help you with the process. Just food for thought.

  3. i couldn't wait to change my was way to easy to make fun of...wouldn't want my future children to have to deal with it!



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