Friday, May 7, 2010

enjoy the ride

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I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders today.  I just have so much to do  (and yet I will gladly, and thankfully, push it all aside to party like it's 1999 in Vegas with my girls this weekend!).  

I've always been a bangerange multi-tasker...but I think I may have reached my limit.  I have emails coming in almost daily from my new job in NY requesting certifications, medical clearance, paperwork, yada yada AND daily emails from my school about graduating requirements, paperwork, classes and more yada yada.  Not to mention all of the dang paperwork associated with my student loan repayment plan coordination (makes me weepy...really really weepy).   My house is a freaking mess with piles of stuff to move, stuff to donate, and stuff for the wedding.  I feel as though at any moment I might just need a paperbag to breathe with. 

I got an email from a woman at my new place of employment...she was asking for some paperwork.  I couldn't find the file she was requesting and emailed her back using my "I'm sorry I lost that file! I'm graduating and getting married and moving 3000 miles in three weeks and my world is kindof nutso right now can you re-send it?" card.  She sent me a rather lovely lil email back.  It made me stop.  And reflect.  

"Congratulations on celebrating two of life's major milestones!  
Enjoy the ride - you'll never come this way again."

It's true.
I have 22 days left as an engaged woman...25 days left as a medical student...and 30 days left as a desert dwelling Phoenician.  I will miss this little Arizona life of mine.  My whole world is about to change in big huge ways.  But what is waiting for me on the other side promises to be pretty fantastic. 

Leave it to a stranger to inspire my chill factor.


  1. I'm going through different mile stones but my life feel exactly like how you've described yours... like I'm just a hair away from a major freak out. :) Thanks for sharing... somehow it makes one feel a little better and a little less crazy when someone else is feeling mutually stressed.

  2. She was so right! Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride.
    Love that picture...makes me want to be in a place like that now...aways from all the stress :-).
    Have a great weekend.

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  3. Indeed. As it seems almost as soon as it happens it quickily passes. Enjoy it darling.

  4. Aw, that was sweet of her. And it's so true - I remember the insane days of finishing my monograph, grading a zillion undergrads, facing evaluations, etc. and at the time, I was pulling my hair out. If I'd have ALSO been getting married, moving, and starting a new job... well, I'd be bald now, LOL.

    But now? I only feel nostalgia, even for the night I was barefoot at 2am, drinking beer out of a paper cup and hanging up my finished paintings w/delirious and giddy classmates.

    Make sure to be good to yourself right now - you're handling a lot at once! And if you can, take a moment to drink it in. Even the nutso-ness will be a good memory someday.

  5. As crazy as it is right now... hang in there! It will absolutely fly by, so take a moment to breathe. You have some very exciting moments going on right now!

  6. So many exciting things going on - such a great time! But I'm with you girl...the "so much to do" part is KILLING me too. It will be a miracle to get through it all...don't sweat the small stuff I guess. Easy to say, hard to do!

  7. It's funny how strangers sometimes say the most profound things. In the meantime, just breathe and take one thing at a time. and have an amazing trip. it will really help to blow off some steam!!! xoxo

  8. That is fantastic! I needed that reminder too! Thank you so much for posting that. I'm only 15 days away. :) Have a great time in Vegas.

  9. Awwwww. I going to stop sending you e-mails till it's over! I know the feeling of having too many e-mails to read! ;)

  10. Enjoy today... that's what I try to remember. :)

  11. I'm right there with you! I just earned the MD Friday, and we're getting married this upcoming to-do list is heinously long. I alternate between thinking "gosh, this is pretty amazing" and "OMG, I can't make another decision/add another task/answer your question right now-Leave me alone!". It's odd but neat.



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