Tuesday, May 4, 2010

mother's day combo!

 Mother's Day combo - $8 (that's 50% off!!!)

You know my obsession with Strawberry Hedgehog handmade soaps...and my dedication to the rad deal-a-day website HipGreenDeals.  Today.  THEY ARE ONE.  *happy dance!*

Run...don't walk...over to HipGreenDeals and pick up a Strawberry Hedgehog Mother's Day Combo including (my favorite) eucalyptus-lime and pink grapefruit-peppermint soap set.  At 50% off!!!  Outrageous. 

These aren't going to my mom...these are for me.  Yep. (what?  I already have something lovely for my mom!)


  1. The Pink Grapefruit-Peppermint is incredible!!! My favorite of all the soaps I have tried. You will love both of these. I'm so thankful for my Strawberry Hedgehog soaps! Thanks for telling me about them!

  2. Yay!! Thanks, Jes! :c) Thanks for getting us together.



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