Wednesday, May 5, 2010

wedding wish wednesday #33: what happens in vegas...

Did I tell you that my Bachelorette party is this weekend?  IN VEGAS!??  No?  I didn't mention that?  Hum.

I've only been thinking about it every freaking day for the past two months

I want to dance until the blisters kill.  I want to sing and scream until I lose my voice.  I want to drink like I'm 22 (which means really drunk...but no puking...that's just gross).  I want to feel smokin'.  I want to act like a goddamn rock star.

You see, this is kindof  "it."  In four weeks I'm gone.  I will have moved 3000 miles away. I won't even live within a day's drive of these best sisters.  (That breaks my heart and makes me all teary).  I won't get to go out spontaneously with my baby sister's anymore...or even celebrate their birthdays... no more Friday Night Social Club with my college crew... no more lunch dates with my best friend on her end of more pub crawls!!!!  Of course we will celebrate together at the wedding - but there is nothing like a girls' night out.  And there is nowhere like Vegas.

But they better not try to make me wear penis-shaped ANYTHING because that is just not my scene...and I will probably throw a fit.  (or a blinking tiara?  Becky?  please?  no?)....well...I guess I can really only take a firm stand against the penis-shaped stuff.  Why is that so "in" for bachelorette parties?  I don't think it's cute  (except that one time at Megan's bachelorette party...)

Be forewarned friends...I will throw a hissy fit if you try to decorate me with male genitalia.  I will.  I really will.  

As for everything else - I'm so excited I can hardly breathe!!!

Oh yea - please no speeding tickets this time Wedding Wish Granter!!!  (Nevada tickets are pricey.)


  1. ooooooooohhhh! you're gonna have SO much fun! and ditto on the penis shaped stuff...seriously.

  2. Have fun! Sounds like it will be a blast. And my friends would so have every single penis shaped thing available if they could for that type of party. Let's just say that none of them are even close to tame. But I agree with you 100%!

  3. You lucky girl! You will have such a great time with your ladies and I hope they don't make you wear anything you know what shaped!

  4. Have Fun!! I had my bachelorette weekend in Vegas just a couple weeks was a blast!!! Ack I wanna go back and re-do it all over again :)

    I was the same way with the penis gear...I agreed to wear the cute sash and crown/veil they brought for me though! Good times!

  5. I'm so glad you are going on this weekend! you are going to have a blast! I didn't have to wear anything penis related, but we did play pin the penis on the stud (who really wasn't that studly) and then we got drunk enough that we were taping the penises all over the room. who knows if we pulled them all down before leaving... tee hee.

  6. I'm not into the penis gear either, it's creepy! but what about a brightly colored short veil? I make/sell these:

    right now I have black, blue, pink, purple, and can easily get lime green, orange, or whatever color you can think of

  7. Yaaaay for you girl. Have fun! (And I'm with you, no decorating Jes with genitalia ladies.

  8. I don't get the phallic stuff either and have similarly put the kibosh on them for my bachelorette party. If we turned the genders around and the guys were wearing vulva/vagina necklaces at bachelor parties we'd all think it was gross and pretty offensive, right? Why do the penis necklaces/earrings/straws/games all get a pass as just slightly raunchy? SO WEIRD.



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