Monday, May 3, 2010

oooo...a new hair do


I'm not going to lie, I can barely handle looking at Style Me Pretty any more.  It's just too intimidating... everything is just toooooo perfect....toooo swanky....tooo elaborate.  I go back and forth on wanting to delete it from my google reader.  Yet, I can't part with it because every once in a while I'll give it a browse.  

Good thing I didn't delete it...because this carefully executed fake wedding with professional models led me to a hairstyle I really like!

As in - I'm really digging this fake-bride's curly do.  A lot!!  Hello dream wedding hair.



  1. I loved it... until I would miss a couple days and find that I had 40 missed posts from them! I would rather have a few amazing posts than a bajillion that I'll just skim through.

    LOVE the hair!!

  2. I also fight the urge to delete SMP from my GoogleReader. It mostly makes me mad, and I get really really tired of fake weddings. But every once in a while something jumps out at me, and I'm glad that I didn't.

  3. Every few weeks I peek in for ideas (like this hair!) but otherwise SMP (and similar) infect my perspective. But you're right - this is such a gorgeous curly hair style. Good find.

  4. I had a curly 'do like that too! Love it :)

  5. you've GOT to do this
    you can totally rock it with your curly locks

  6. I hear ya with the whole SMP thing. Very intimidating. But look back through your own 502 or so posts ;-) You have a lovely aesthetic. I can't imagine your wedding will be anything but lovely and totally, beautifully you!

  7. i totally deleted it from my reader...i understand. the hairdo is gorgeous!

  8. Delete away sister. Even better are all of the ones you delete after the wedding (I still read a few obvs).

  9. Great hairdo, and lucky you that you have the curls to pull it off!

    And I agree about SMP and others. They haven't made it to my reader because just by browsing them they start to make me feel as though my wedding will not be up to snuff, when I know it will be just wonderful. So no objections to deleting here!



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