Sunday, May 23, 2010

the quest for the card holder

I didn't even know what a freakin' "card holder" was until I started blogging.  I've never seen one at a wedding.  I'm sure they've been there...but I've never noticed.  It's clearly not a "detail" I cared much about.

Until yesterday morning.  8 days until the wedding.  This is how I know I'm lame.

Instead of packing my house, or feeding the homeless, my sisters and I set out to find a freaking birdcage.

My search started online.  The only pretty old birdcage for sale on Craigslist was $125...honestly.  Antique stores would be too hit or miss to harness online...we'd have to check those in person.  So I did some typical internet browsing real fast:  Google, Target, Joanna's, Michael's, and Walmart.   Target's online site had one for $40 - no way in hell was I going to spend $40 on a dumb thing like this (no offense...I just wouldn't spend that).   Found one for $17 at Walmart (but we refuse to support really...I'm not sure why I even looked there...desperation perhaps?)  There are loads of beautiful birdcage card holders for sale around the web, but since I slacked and waited to long, an internet option was not feasible. 

My sisters and I started making the rounds at the stores in the area.  Came up empty handed time and time again.  Nothing.  Nothing even remotely use-able.  We gave up.  Nobody should spend 4 hours looking for a stupid card holder.  Thank goodness I was with my sisters - which was fun....super fun actually...not a waste of a day even if it was a wedding fail.

Final stop on the list was Joanna's to pick up some placecards.  Low and behold.  A birdcage-esque card holder.  Who freaking knew?  But I didn't have a 40% coupon...which is the key to shopping at Joanna's.  I bought it anyway...and then called my Mom from the parking lot.  She's the best, and ran down to her local Joanna's with her handy dandy 40% coupon... and picked up the lil white wire thing for around $12.  I took mine back. 
don't remember where I saved this one from!  Sorry!

That, my friends, was one hellova quest.  It ended up taking alllll day (with a couple side-tracked stops along the way.)  We were so exhausted from it all, that we came home and just collapsed on the sofa in front of the TV.  Nothing else got done.  Just silly sister stuff.

After all that, I hope somebody actually brings us a card .  And knows to put it in the card holder.  Humm.


  1. bahh i was reading through the post i was getting so excited
    to tell you about joann's because i was just there yesterday
    and saw that card holder!
    so excited you found one, without supporting walmart (yuck)
    and for a good price
    future tip: every once in a while thrift stores will have really really great ones for cheap! (don't know when you'll need a cool birdcage again, but)

  2. Oh great - I didn't even think about a card holder. I just assumed people wouldn't bring them. Guess I better get one! Good luck fellow Memorial Day weekend bride!

  3. Sweet! We've been debating putting wrapping paper around an shoe box, old school Valentine box style. I'll have to check Joann's!

  4. Our venue had a bird cage for us, *thank* goodness, because i wouldn't have thought of it. but you will get plenty of cards (hopefully with moolah in them!), so you were smart to find a holder!

  5. Oh my goodness . . . another thing I never knew existed. A CARD holder??? Are they always bird cages? I am perplexed. Is it for cards with money? ;)

  6. At my friends' wedding, they put a couple "blanks" in at the start-- just envelopes with the couple's names on them-- that way other people would know it was a card holder and not just a decoration.


  7. uhh, never heard of a card holder. i'm afraid we didn't have one at my wedding. learn something new every day! Is that like on the gift table?

  8. I wish I had known!! I have an old chippy green one that would have been great. I would have totally sent it to you. Glad you found what you needed!



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