Sunday, July 4, 2010

from the white house

I invited the Obama's to our wedding.  Regardless of political opinion or party lines... it's straight AWESOME to get mail from The White House

Hilariously enough, when Tommy got the mail that day, he ripped open the envelope to see what was inside.  As in, ripped open....creating ugly scraggly torn paper edges and all.  I have given him a little bit of a hard time about this...he couldn't wait the 3 minutes it would take to open it with a letter opener to keep the envelope pretty (like I have done for so many of our wedding cards!)  Doy.

Happy Fourth of July to my fellow American's!!  Enjoy those beautiful fireworks! 


  1. Heck yes! We did the same and it might have been the most exciting mail ever!

  2. I think I will do the same! Happy Independence Day!

  3. omg, I can't stop laughing because I think this is AMAZING and I'm SO excited to do the same! AWESOME!

  4. Well, Tommy's a guy and that's how they roll. ;) But how exciting!

  5. That's just so effing cool! I didn't even think about inviting the Obamas. It's so awesome that they send something!



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