Monday, July 5, 2010

facebook stalking

...oh yea....bein' sassy...or something...

As you can imagine, I didn't take any pictures during our wedding. Obviously.  But until our pro pictures come back to us, I had to get my fix from other sources...

basically, I've become a Facebook STALKER.  In those moments after the wedding, one by one our peeps would post a few pictures.  I was looking at my phone CONSTANTLY for lil updates!  I sweep up all of the photos that I can find.  (We've had a couple emails sent to us with pictures ...thank goodness!!!  I've looked at them all sooo many times it's insane!) 

What would we have done without Facebook!?  I NEVER would have gotten my grubby lil fingers on these fun lil moments! (I really love the pictures taken of  our guests... those are the pictures that I spend the most time flipping through!!  I'd love to show you the pretty mug of every single beautiful guest we were blessed to share our day with... but not everyone is down with their picture being online, so the majority of the pictures I post will be of Tommy and me.)

Just know that alllll the pictures I will be using for the next few weeks were those taken by our family and friends.  Mad talent. 

*note: to those fab friends and family who sent your shots my way... THANK YOU!!! 

 cheeks full of our spiced pear wedding cake!!!!
 the gorgeous sunset outside

 tearin' it up!


  1. Looks like everyone had an awesome time! Love the sunset; makes me miss the west!

  2. i totally did the same thing....LOVE these pics!

  3. I totally love candid shots like these! So fun.

    When do you get to see your professional shots? I bet you can barely wait (and neither can we!).

  4. We can see that everyone let their hair down! It was a real party!!!

    Are those lights blue?

  5. that sunset is unreal!! love the first shot too. you can tell you were having the time of your life!

  6. your facebook pics are fantastic! mine are... eh.



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