Friday, July 23, 2010

it sucks making an itinerary

In the weeks leading up to the wedding, I was consciously avoiding creating our itinerary.  People needed this stuff - our DJ, videographer, photographer, venue coordinator, bridesmaids, etc. were asking for it.  I kept dodging it until the last minute.  I didn't know how to logistically conquer that day.

At the last second I threw it together.  It was TIGHT.  And it made me CRAZY stressed.  I didn't even want to think about how I was going to get my hair done, makeup on, dress on AND do the decorating for the lodge.  I didn't know how much time certain things would take.  We were going to wing it...and fly by the seat of our pants.  Tight scheduling can be stressful...and if something was even slightly off chaos may erupt.  But.  I had no idea how to create an itinerary.  I sent it off to the venue coordinator and asked her opinion (she does this for a living, she must have some feedback) except she said it looked great!  So.  I closed my eyes and sent it out.  I was stressed just thinking about that psycho sounding day of running around, decorating, rehearsing, getting ready, pictures, etc.  It was all so overwhelming.
I got a phone call from Heather, of One Love Photo, the day before the wedding.  She is clearly a wedding professional, with sincere feedback and dynamite ideas.  She suggested that the itinerary I created might be a tad stressful and suggested a NEW schedule that rocked.  Her schedule promised to give Tommy and I a "breather" of a day, as it freed up the afternoon for us to enjoy.  Our families GRACIOUSLY decorated for us that afternoon...but I will share more of that later.

Heather's amazing itinerary suggestion:

12:00-Hair and makeup done
1:00-Bridal Party (hair and make up done but not dressed), help Jes get into her dress
1:00- Heather and Jon arrive, Photos of dress, final touches, get into dress
1:15-Bridal Party heads up to Snowbowl to help with set up
1:20-Tommy and Jes: 1st Look at Hotel
1:30-Shoot pictures downtown
2:00-Family and Friends set up the venue at Snow bowl
2:50-Arrive at Snow Bowl and greet family and friends, check out the set up progress
2:50-Bridal party grabs flowers, Girls help pin boys flowers on.....
3:00-Bridal Party dressed and ready for Photos-Take Photos!!!
3:30-Family Dressed and ready for photos
4:00-Done with group photos
4:05-Sign Paperwork
4:10-Shoot details in lodge
4:15-Breathe Deep and prepare for ceremony, guests arriving....

I love that Tommy and I had that afternoon to be together, to swoon over how handsome we looked, and to smile and kiss in front of the One Love Photography team.  It was fantastic!  We owe Heather and Jon a ton for the help with all of that.  AND we owe our generous family A TON for setting everything up so beautifully!


  1. Almost all the blogs I've read where the brides were doing the flowers, they ended up having to delegate most of it to family/friends. It's the road to sanity!

    And YAY for One Love Photo!!! No wonder everyone loves them!

  2. Oh thank you. I'm trying to collect itineraries and not panic and it's so hard. So many of them are NOT DIY weddings or start later (we're at 4:30 too). I fear we may have to help with set-up, but this helps frame the day, especially since I know it worked out.

    Side note - love all your photos. Obviously.

  3. yes...there should be no decorating for the bride on wedding and friends are eager to help i've found!

  4. I definitely help all my brides with a time line. Over the years we've found it's just easier if you have a wedding professional (ideally a coordinator) take a look at your time line because often brides forget to do simple things like eat lunch or figure out their own transportation. I leave the "first look" photos up to the client. Sometimes its necessary due to light, etc and sometimes clients really want to do it because, as in this case, you wouldn't otherwise have a chance to do photos downtown. About 90% of my clients still want to see their bride/groom for the first time walking down the aisle. Sunset time is really important to manage if your photographer (like me) really likes to use that last light of the day to capture portraits. Definitely ask your photographer to take a look at your time line.

  5. How wonderful that you had such a knowledgeable vendor on your team. My own itinerary was way conservative. I had lots of down time in between events. It was wonderful, especially as a DIY bride.

    @LosAngelesLove I would be happy to send you my itinerary. Or, if Jes doesn't object, I can post it online

    And here here @Lori, YAY One Love Photo!!!

  6. I am so glad the schedule worked out as well as it did! I love having a "fluff" time in the timeline so everyone can be more relaxed and chill (it also lends itself to much better images).You two were so amazing to work with and even more amazing to photograph! xoxoxo H&J



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