Wednesday, July 7, 2010

our dance improv

You may recall that Tommy and I were given a couple dance lessons as an engagement gift.  These lessons were wicked fun!  The professionals taught us a few moves so we could choreograph it ourselves.  And we did!  We even went to the dance studio a couple times to practice in those days leading up to the wedding.  We were ready!!

Then.  Moments before we went onto the dance floor, while we were crazy giggly ecstatic after our ceremony, we decided to practice our FAVORITE dance dip in the dressing room!

Thank goodness we practiced because...

I stumbed, tripped over my dress, and heard a little rip.  Yikes.  My dress, though professionally bustled, was indeed, too long.  Throughout the day it kept lengthening...which was not anticipated.  And so instead of getting annoyed with the situation...we started laughing and just drank some more champagne.

When we went out on the floor, with 100 sets of eyes on us, we lit-er-a-ly improvised.  It was totally off the cuff.  We couldn't do our favorite dance dip...we couldn't do the dance we choreographed!!

But we smiled and laughed and he twirled me and we managed a dip in there somewhere!  I sang a few words to him because our song is the cutest lil thing and I love it.  And I love Tommy.  And I would sing sweet love songs to him all day if I could.  We ended our song with a kiss...we didn't practice that... but really, you can't kiss enough on your wedding day.

*note:  every single one of these pictures was taken by a different loved one....I'm so glad they shared!!


  1. i love it i love it!!! it's true, you really can't kiss too much on your wedding day, or any day for that matter!

  2. You are a very beautiful couple. Lovely wedding. It is really a challenge to prepare for your own wedding but hey you're happy right so no problem! I was just looking around blogs for a good wedding cards then I stumble upon this blog and I think I'm getting good ideas for my own wedding. Thanks!

  3. What WONDERFUL pictures! A picture really does tell a thousand words. I even like the blurry one because it looks artistic! You two look fantastic. ;)

    These are the first shots where I can really see the entire dress. It's fabulous and the lines are classic!

  4. I love your dress. It's perfect. But I'm also glad you got to try other dresses on with your sisters!

  5. These are such great shots! We were going to do a choreographed swing dance and ended up canceling our lesson on the first day. It just got to be overwhelming with everything going on in our life. I thought we would at least attempt to choreograph some twirls or dips but it just didn't happen.

    On the wedding day, when it was time to dance, I mostly just stood there swaying with Mr Fix It listening to him sing all the words to the song in my ear - he had dedicated it to me as a surprise and I had no idea what the song was about :)

    It was totally imperfect, but it was still so special :)

    Btw, your dress looks gorgeous in all of those photos...and your dance sounds wonderful!

  6. awww so cute! I wish me and my husband had taken at least one lesson! we ended up doing the good ole' jr-high sway...but still a very special part of the day!
    love your dress too! Mine actually kept coming un-bustled whenever I would sit down! Nothing a little body-tape couldn't fix! ...and I swear it got longer as the day went on too! haha...good to know someone else had similar issues!

  7. I probably should remember this, but what song did you dance to?

  8. So fun! I totally get the dress lengthening thing. Mine seemed to, too. I felt like I was getting stepped on all night. Love the pics!!

  9. How lovely! It is so much fun to see all of your hard work and planning come to life in these recaps.

    I remember for D and I, the most fun we had was all of the practice dancing. I'm not a great dancer but D is. Some of the happiest and most romantic moments we shared were the days leading up to the wedding when we moved the furniture and had a dance party practice session together.

    I love it that you two were practicing in the dressing room. That's soooo sweet.

    And thanks for sharing the recaps. We know you're super busy, but I can confidently speak for all of your readers when I say, we so appreciate your sharing these details with us!



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