Thursday, July 8, 2010

our vows

I know I shared our ceremony readings with you on our wedding day, but it's the vows that I continually think about.

When faced with what kind of vows we wanted was tricky.  My husband, as I have mentioned before, is quite the poet as he received his BA in English with a Creative Writing emphasis.  So the boy can compose elegant passages...pretty enough to bring tears to my eyes.  He's also a teacher, and is super comfy in front of large groups and is not easily rattled.  I was more nervous, more reserved about the vows.  I wanted to speak as little as possible, as I knew my emotional state would be questionable on our wedding day.  Not to mention the daunting task of composing my own vows was sure to push me over the edge. 

We looked at a few different types of vows, and settled on both composing our own and yet keeping it sweet and simple.  We ended up memorizing them, and speaking them to each other (via microphone so our guests could hear!).  I was a little nervous about it and made Tommy practice with me a couple times that morning.  Surprisingly enough, I was calm and collected by the time I said them to Tommy during our ceremony....forever imprinting them into my conscience.  They warm my heart every time I hear them, think them, say them:

Tommy:  I vow to love you.
Jes:  I vow to love you.
Tommy:  To be your best friend ever.
Jes: To be your biggest fan and most solid supporter.
Tommy:  To kiss you everyday.
Jes:  To embrace you everyday.
Tommy: To keep our dreams alive.
Jes:  To take you on a hundred adventures.
Tommy:  To encourage your passions.
Jes:  To cherish your heart.
Tommy:  Do you vow to be my wife?
Jes: I do.  Do you vow to be my husband?
Tommy:  I do.

Goosebumps.  Even now as I type them out. These words have been running through my mind constantly since our wedding....they really have.  I find myself re-living our ceremony over and over....more so than any other aspect of the event...I did not anticipate this.

I'm so glad we composed our own ceremony and our own vows.  It was, by far, my favorite part! 

How did you compose yours?   


  1. Another great photo!

    The ceremony is the most emotional part of the day, so I'm not surprised it had the most impact.

    It's so interesting that you wrote your own vows and are glad you did. I've read a couple of blogs where they said they didn't like self-composed vows, which surprised me, so it's good to see a different view.

  2. Your vows and readings were what made your wedding yours and yours alone -- and what made it memorable to this guest.

    Your gown was beautiful, the decor charming, the dancing enthusiastic (!)...but the vows were the best part.

  3. Goosebumps is right! What a beautiful way to express your love to one another in front of your family and friends. I know I keep saying this, but, thanks for sharing! Truly!

  4. Your photos are beautiful!! Snowbowl is such a lovely place to be married!

  5. That is so touching and beautiful. I'm so glad that you had such a beautiful wedding day after all the hard work you put into it.

  6. What beautiful vows! Simple, yet meaningful.



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