Tuesday, July 13, 2010

our diy bouquets

The DIY flower thing was a HUGE project.  We ended up ordering from 50 Flowers.  Which was great....the flowers were BEAUTIFUL!  Thankfully, as I had no idea what to expect with ordering the flowers online!  For the bouquets, I ordered  yellow garden roses, yellow ranunculus, and asters.

The really COOL elements of the flowers were a spur of the moment idea...my Aunt brought hemlock bundles from her yard in Seattle (the boys boutonnieres were made using hemlock cones from her yard too - so this was a really nice touch.)

The flowers were shipped to Flagstaff, where my aunt (a Flagstaff local) put them in big paint buckets of water and placed them in the cold dark garage.  

Once the truck was loaded, I hauled everything over to the vacation home that Tommy's family was renting out for the week.  (Holy amazing....AMAZING!) My mom, sister, and two of my wonderful Aunts met us at the house and we set to work.

I put on garden gloves and stripped the thorns off of the roses.  A local Flagstaff florist was gracious enough to let us borrow her rose stripper (a metal contraption that worked like a charm.)

My dear Aunt Clare helped me with the bouquet arranging...ummm....well....to be honest I helped her with the bouquet arranging.  First, we laid them out...to make sure the bouquets are even.  Then we started forming the bouquets.  She taught me to start in the middle and build the bouquet around that. 

My bouquet!!!  My aunt arranged it and it was sooooooooo beautiful....this was taken before she put the "petticoat" of asters around the base.  She wrapped the stems in an embroidered hanky of my great-grandmothers the afternoon of the wedding....a sweet touch for a lovely bouquet.

The diy flower route worked out nicely for me - only because of the generosity of help from our mothers, aunts, and my sister!!  I could not have done this on my own!!  It was a big project...and I didn't even HELP put it all together at the wedding site.  So I don't know if I can even adequately portray the depth of this project!

*pictures thanks to Auntie Pol!


  1. WOW - great job! Love the bouquets!

  2. I would never think anyone could do that project alone. Even florists don't work alone for a wedding!

    Honestly, I can never tell the difference between a DIY bouquet and a florist bouquet. Your bouquet is beautiful and so "you".

  3. these turned out so beautifullly!!!
    i love the colors ;-)

  4. Your bouquets and table flowers were beautiful. You made good choices that worked well together.

    Thanks also go to Tommy's Aunt Sally for liberating a little long-needle pine from the property that added the perfect Flagstaff touch to the bouquets.

    I have to say that my favorite part of the project was the collaborative effort...spending time the day before your wedding talking and working with you...working beside your mom and Tommy's mom and aunts...all working together to capture your vision. The combined effort of creative women is a powerful inspiring thing!!! I thought the morning not only served a practical purpose but is a great symbol of the coming together of your new family and community.

  5. Beautiful bouquets, but want to know what I really noticed in these photos? Your buff arms!


  6. Looks like your bouquets came together really nicely! We did our own flowers too, so I completely know how much work it is!

  7. Oh, girl! I KNOW the depth of work you guys had to go through, and they came out amazing! I am SO glad that your ranunculus opened. I think that was my biggest bummer. I loved your bouquet! Yay! So glad it all worked out for you.

  8. we did our own flowers too, or more accurately my mom, my husband's mom, a cousin and an uncle did our flowers...bouquets, flowers for the tables, various arrangements..i couldn't have done it without them. honestly i was barely involved, other than ordering 12 dozen dahlias from a local farm.
    its definitely a big DIY project, not to be undertaken lightly.

  9. Ellie p. ( your cute baby sister)July 14, 2010 at 10:02 PM

    You should have put the picture when I was helping then totally fell asleep! hahahah Sorry! And the bouquets were beautiful! Mines dried in a vase on my bookshelf!

  10. Sorry for being a late; I'm catching up on my blog reading.

    I am truly amazed. Flowers totally intimidate me. Your came out wonderfully, and it looks like everyone had a great time of it. I love the DIY projects that bring people together!

  11. Nice choice-roses,ranunculus and asters. They look very beautiful together in arrangement. You have really crafty hands!

  12. My daughter's getting married in Flagstaff this summer and found your blog. Any info on that vacation home that your future in-laws rented. We live in Alaska and will need a wedding central spot! Sure would like a recommendation for a place. Thanks.



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