Wednesday, July 14, 2010

dream wedding shoes

alll of photos by One Love Photo

I purchased a pair of royal blue shoes for the wedding.  They were cute, and CHEAP.  But they ended up being horribly uncomfy...horribly.  And I am not one to compromise comfort for fashion - nope, not me.

So, I got a different pair.  And they just happened to be the freaking cutest shoes EVER in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

They were yellow!  (The color I always wanted!)  They had a small heel, a lil peep toe, and were crazy comfy for me to get my groove on all night long.

They were, quite honestly, my dream shoes.

And what's even more rad is that I've worn them a TON since the wedding - love that.  And yes, I think of my wedding every time I slip them on.  I win.

*note:  I had a few comments (and emails!) about where I got my shoes, and what kind of shoes they are.  So... I got them from (amazing selection and phenomenal return policy).  I ordered a few different pairs, and shipped the others back.   Unfortunately, the pair I fell in love with was the priciest option...but I could somewhat justify it in the sense that I haven't purchased a NICE pair of shoes in years.  A lil treat to myself that I will clearly have for years to come (oh, and they look great with jeans....double whammy).  The brand is Frye (they make beautiful footwear...obvs.)


  1. That's your color!

    It would have been awful to go through your day with uncomfortable feet. ;)

  2. I completely understand if you don't feel like sharing this, but if not, would you mind saying where you found them?

    I have been looking everywhere for cute, low wedge heels that won't sink into the grass!

  3. so cute - but now i'm scared! i have Nina shoes ( a different style) and I fear they will be uncomfortable too - i guess i need to start wearing them around the house!!! yikes! thanks for sharing!

  4. They are SO cute! I'm glad you found the perfect pair!

    I am LOVING the photos of your wedding, lady! What a gorgeous bride you were. And obvi One Love can do no wrong!! xoxoxo

  5. What adorable shoes!!! So great that you are wearing them post-wedding... I'm still waiting for another occasion fancy enough for my strappy sandals.

  6. Those are MY wedding shoes too! I LOVED them. So did everyone else.

    My pictures haven't shown up yet to share, but good style lady. :)

  7. you are the CUTEST thing i've ever seen!

  8. Yeah, they will be my shoes too, only in the aqua blue. I already wore them once, for my bachelorette party, and they were a big hit! Love it~

  9. by the way, they are frye shoes. you can find them on the frye website.

  10. Yay!!! I'm so glad you got your yellow shoes! And they are super cute. and I'm still jealous of your photos. gorgeous!!!

  11. the shoeeessss!!!! so good
    can i have them when your done?
    ps these photos are TO DIE FOR
    your smile is infectious lady ;-)

  12. How cute are you? Very.

    And those shoes perfectly match your sunny personality. Bonus points that they don't have a super high heel so that you can actually enjoy wearing them. :)



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