Thursday, July 29, 2010

our pretty lil guest favors

*photo by Auntie Pol

We worked with the Etsy business Nature Favors to hand-make our lovely little guest favors.  We thought that bird shaped birdseed ornaments would be such a sweet gift to give - considering our outdoor venue and the fact that there were birds on our invitations and such.

We purchased little green organza bags for them to go in.  (Here's a tip, if you are in need of little organza bags, I'd recommend Gifts International.  They were around 7 CENTS per piece! 

I was smitten with these sweet sweet ornaments.  They looked so pretty on the tables!


  1. It's amazing how everything you wanted came together. And your mom and sister are so cute in that picture!

    Even more impressive is that you are still managing to churn out the recaps while being a Resident! You really are Super Woman. ;)

  2. Oh what a fantastic idea! I've not seen that done before but what a great thing to give. Love it!

  3. I love favors that can be used long after the wedding. What a lovely reminder of your beautiful wedding for months to come!

  4. I love eco-friendly projects and this ranks right up there at the top of my list. How creative! Congratulations on all the wonderful changes happening in your life.



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