Friday, July 30, 2010

we hitched a our own wedding

The day of the wedding came.  Tommy and I had our car up in Flagstaff, and assumed we would just drive ourselves to the wedding.  Except, we were going to go take pictures downtown with our OneLove friends, and downtown parking in Flagstaff is pretty much insanity.

So...I asked Heather and Jon if we could just get a ride with them - we were all going to the same place anyway.

Shameless?  Perhaps.  At the time I didn't think I sounded rude...but looking back, it was probably inappropriate for us to barge in on their space. But they were real sweeties about it, and drove us to our  wedding in the back of their rented Prius.

Fast forward a few incredible hours...when then the end of the night came.  Our family and friends called their taxis and arranged their rides  - I just kept dancing...and Tommy?  Well, Tommy's a super "go with the flow"  kinda guy, so basically the two of us just didn't think about it.  Except, we didn't call ourselves a taxi... and then the taxis were full - and even our family's vehicles were full of guests.  Ha!  Nobody had room for US!!

Our bad for poor planning.  Except, we still weren't worried.  It would work out.

(yea - I danced the hell outta my hair do!)

And it did.  One of my best friends came to the rescue.  She and her boyfriend flew out to our wedding from San Francisco...they are a couple of my favorite people in the world...and it was straight BLISS to share that ride home with them.  Not going to lie, it was fun to have them gush about how amazing they thought our wedding was :-)

Plus we saw deer in the woods...which is always magical.


  1. How awesome, I love that you were so relaxed with everything! And the best kind of hair is the hair that has had the hell danced out of it! I hope mine looks the same by the end of our wedding! And you still looked super pretty by the end of the night!

  2. We hitched a ride with my brother back to the hotel after our wedding. I had to sit on my husband's lap since there was such little room. I didn't really care how we got back to the hotel since it was only 5 miles away.

  3. I rode with our photographer from the salon to back to my house (the wedding site) cause my sister had to leave me at the salon to go pick up her kids. i have to say tho, it was a very calming car ride, he was like my zen pillar during the day.

  4. That top photo is so beautiful! And dancing the hairdo out of your hair is hilarious, lol. I think that bottom photo is filled with so much joy :)

  5. Love seeing deer in the woods of Flagstaff! I agree it's magical. I'll be thinking of you when we are there next weekend for the Big Red Pour!

  6. This sounds just like us! Apparently, J forgot that he was supposed to drive to the ceremony and rode with someone else... and my car was at the reception site already. So, we hitched with our photog. Then, after the wedding, my car was to stay at the reception site to be loaded by staff (which never happened, by the way), and everyone had left... so J's dad came back and picked us up. Then, the next morning, we still didn't have a car when my dad called to say the site looked like crap, and we needed to get down there asap to clean it up. Another hitched ride!!

  7. I love need for fancy rock.

  8. We loved having you in the back! It was so fun to shoot back seat smiling and kissing shots all the way up the mountain! xoxoxo

  9. omigod! thank you for telling me that we were not the only one's to not have a "sending off." By the time we left, they were breaking down the party. Our friend drove us to our hotel because we just couldn't be bothered to figure that out for ourselves. oh well.
    You look so freaking gorgeous Jes. I have a little girl crush on you. But then, I already had that.



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