Monday, July 5, 2010

what is love?

Love is...

moving to a new town where you don't have any girlfriends, and your husband asks if you want to go see the new Twilight movie with him out of the blue.

That. Is. Love. 


  1. It sure is!

    Paddy says that to me when one of us does something we normally wouldn't for the other "Love is, baby"

  2. Awesome-ness. That is love indeed because I am not sure I would go see SAW (What-ever-number-it-is-up-to-now) with my love.

  3. So sweet!! BTW, Ithaca is such a great town, I went to grad school there, email me if you want recs for resturants, things to do, etc!

  4. oh I love this. Jon went to New Moon with me on his Birthday. LOVE. Tommy-Big Points,



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