Thursday, August 19, 2010

chasing sunsets

all captured by One Love Photo

We wanted sunset pictures...the golden rays of the Arizona sun are just gorgeous up at Snowbowl.  Thankfully our photographers were on top of their game, and let us know that the sun was setting because Tommy and I were totally oblivious to everything!  We did the traditional "cake cutting", fed each other a yummy morsel of spiced pear cake, and took off out the door, racing to catch the sunset!  

When I say we were racing...I'm not kidding.  When we got outside, the sun was already setting behind the mountains - we only had a few minutes until it would be dark.  So - we BOOKED it.  I my lil heels...Tommy helped carry my dress...and we ran.  Laughing.  Into the sunset.

It's appropriate that our marriage should start with the two of us chasing sunsets.  We watched the most glorious sunset off the coast of Rhode Island on our first date, and spent many MANY weekends seeking out the best spots to watch sunsets in Arizona.    So romantic.


  1. i'm dying...these pics are freaking amazing! have i mentioned I LOVE your photographer?

  2. Sunset shots are FABULOUS. It's true that you have to catch the sun at just the right moments... but the reward is always a fantastic shot. These photos have romance written all over them. :)

  3. third one up. awesome. way.
    love that you guys were running into the setting sun, i can just picture it. well and seeing the pictures helps ;P



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