Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my fave make-up

I do my own make-up everyday anyway...I figured I could handle this task.  Tommy totally hooked me up for my Valentine's Day present, and gave me a giftcard to M.A.C. cosmetics - I waited to cash it in until the week before the wedding.  Let me recommend some of the products that totally rocked my bridal face off :-)  As you can look was more natural than glam...which was what I was going for.

A product I never used before that I totally fell in love with was the Paint Eyeshadow.  It never creases and helps the other shadows stay in place beautifully.  This was my single greatest product purchase...I totally heart this stuff and wear it LOTS!

A friend of mine used the Pro Longwear Lipcolour for her wedding and her lips were the perfect color all night.  So I wanted to use that same product.  The color lasted forever - and I never reapplied another coat of color (but I did forget the lipgloss top layer at home, so I didn't have the shiny lips all night!) A little sidenote about these products is that there are lots of little "glitters" in the gloss...and I'm not exactly a glitter makeup fan...but I liked it anyway. :-)

I told the makeup consultant that I was interested in a "dewy" complexion.  She recommended this blush called,  Blushcreme.  I used this, and it was fine, but there are so many sparkles in it that I can't bring myself to use it in real life.  Sooo...

I'm a BareEscentuals foundation girl through and through.

Photo primer
A friend of mine swore that this Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer was awesome.  I bought it last summer and use frequently for special occasions - I'm a huge fan!  My face can get pretty this stuff keeps the shine at bay. 

Those were my favorite wedding beauty products.  Just wanted to share my little 2 cents.

*note:  Sera asked about what mascara I used...I used a Smashbox waterproof mascara in Black Black.  Didn't love...don't recommend it.  


  1. Your makeup looks FABULOUS! Thanks for the makeup review too! Very good to know!

  2. Thanks for the tips! Your makeup looked beautiful. After reading this, I went straight into searching for the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I just ordered it for $25 with free shipping from ecrater. Here's the link if anyone's interested.

    I read tons of reviews on different sites and everyone says pretty much the same's fabulous! I really want it because my skin gets very oily and I constantly have to powder down. This will be perfect for the wedding! Thank you so much for introducing me to this product!

  3. You look stunning!Defined eyes, flawless skin & natural beauty to boot! Love it!

    I'm planning on doing my own make-up & I'm looking for a shine-proof foundation that won't block my glow :) Thanks for the tip about Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer - I'm going to give it a try :)

  4. You look gorgeous! Agreed on the Bare Escentuals and the Smashbox primer. I use the foundation every day but that primer is amazing for days when you need it to stick.
    I have always been impressed with Mac eyeshadow, and now I am intrigued by this "paint" that you speak of... hmm.
    What did you do for mascara? I used Dior Show because everyone says they love it and I don't. Since I found Tarte mascara, I don't know if I'll ever switch. It stays and stays, never clumps and never smudges onto my lower lid which Dior Show did.

  5. Love that photo and I used a ton of Mac and Bare Escentuals too!

  6. Jes, do you realize that photo looks like something from a bridal magazine where the bride is supposed to look joyful? Except it's REAL! ;)

  7. OMG! You did your own makeup too? That's awesome. I love the idea of natural bridal makeup. Sometimes I see wedding portraits and teh makeup looks like a mask. Sort of creeps me out. I love your look; it is very natural and beautifully executed. Did you have anybody teach you or did you just practice on your own.

  8. Can you possibly share the colors that you used for lipcolor and eyeshadow?



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