Sunday, August 15, 2010

desert soap form

I've been a resident of New York for a little over 2 months.  With the glorious trees and flowers and pretty summer breezes I'm not exactly missing Arizona's summer heat.  Except, it's around the time of year when the monsoons hit Phoenix, which is always one of my favorite times of year.  The rain comes, the nights are stormy...the lightening is mesmerizing.   The most incredible aroma sweeps in from the desert and lingers in the city for days.  It's a difficult scent to pin point....but it's so fresh, calming and rejuvinating.

My friend Tracy, the soap making goddess behind Strawberry Hedgehog, sent me a bar of her August soap club scent: Desert Rain.  It's just like home.

I want to congratulate Tracy...(she is one of my friends from high school!)...and she made her passion come alive.  The girl LOVES to create vegan eco-friendly soaps and body products.  She's worked her booty off to craft the most scrumptious scents and creamy products (if you've ever tried her soaps, you would never go back to whatever you used before....swear.)  Now, her handmade creations are sold in fab lil boutique shops all over the Phoenix Valley.  It's so hard to follow your heart and make your dreams a reality...but Tracy is making it happen.  I love that.  You go girl!!  Go check out her shop - and see all the difference she is making in her community!


  1. Awww thanks, Jes! I am glad to share a bit of home when you are so far. *hugs* The desert rain sold like hot cakes and now it is only available at the Whole Foods in Chandler :c)

  2. Congratulations Tracy. And Jess thank you for continuing to write so us at home can still feel close to you even though you are ever so far away. I stayed up till 430am on Saturday morning so I could read and catch up on it. I love you and you are beautiful.


  3. I love stormy summer nights here in MN, but this post makes me want to experience a desert rain! I am off to check out her shop!

  4. You're right. There's nothing quite like the smell of the rain in the desert.



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