Tuesday, August 3, 2010

he played the "macarena" and it was still rad

our friends and fam are so ridiculously fun ohmygod.  One Love Photo

Our wedding had some seriously bodacious dancing going on.  It was a certifiable dance revolution.  Even though, my nightmare come true and the DJ played The Macarena.  This was one of the first songs of the evening...and I may have let a few comments slip to those around me that I was not enthusiastic about that tune.  That damn song goes ON FOREVER...and I hate it...and I couldn't even just grin and bear it because it's one of those songs that gives me an almost visceral reaction to puke.   I was nervous that the DJ was going to suck... and that he was going to play every tune from my personal "do not play" list. (note:  we actually didn't give him the do not play list...we gave him 3 pages of "to be played" music instead.)

Except, when I looked around, the dance floor was swamped!  I almost couldn't believe it.  People didn't care that the stupidest song ever was playing...they were dancing because dancing is fun...and who cares!?  So I joined :-)

my lil cousin popped this hat upon my head while I was busting some serious moves to
"Billy Jean"
... and I had to share the awesomeness with Tommy... he rocked it.

Thankfully, that was the only lame song of the night...the rest of the music ROCKED my face off.  We boogied.  We got down with our bad selves.  We had a damn good time!  I literally danced the whole night... I didn't even sit down...not once! 

It didn't go exactly according to plan.  We wanted some oldies and slower tunes to start the night, and slowly progress into the modern music scene.  That way every guest (regardless of generation or musical preference) would get to dance their pants off.  Except...our DJ played all the oldies and slower tunes during the dinner portion - soooo when the dancing really got started, there wasn't any slow songs...or many oldies either.

It would have been fun to have had some slower songs (at least 2 or 3!?) and it would have been fun to dance to some classic golden oldies too.  However, I'm not complaining...I haven't had that much fun dancing EVER.  Our DJ ended up ROCKING and we had a GREAT time...the BEST time of my life to be exact...I doubt I could have had a better time actually.  We've heard estimates from guests that the dance floor was packed with about 80% or so of the guests all night long.  I wish I could party like it's my wedding every weekend.

PS:  aren't these dance pics by One Love SO HELLA RAD!??


  1. cool photos with the lights spinning around! and i love that first photo with the dance floor packed, there's so much happiness and energy in it!

  2. For the record, they played the Macarena at the most fun wedding I ever attended. The dance is so silly, we laughed ourselves sick doing it.

    Now for the important question. HOW did they get those lights to do that in the pictures???

  3. Yes they are, I love those photos!

  4. so so so fun
    hey...as long as you can get down
    who cares what song is playing!!!

  5. omg...i hate that song too...but glad everyone else decided to boogie down. YOUR wedding looks so FUN!!

  6. I love those photos! And I love that everyone danced no matter what. What a fun wedding!

  7. You are totally cute! I love that you had so much fun at your own wedding instead of stressing about the small details.

    P.S. I can't stand the "macarena" either. ;)


  8. I love all of these photos! You can feel the fun in the room!

    Oh, the macarena...

  9. Dancing at our wedding was some of the most fun my husband and I have ever had - we didn't want the night to end!
    I had emailed the DJ a few "must play" tunes and some "must not". The must not list included any group/choerographed dances. We HATE them. But i know what certain members of my family are like and so i allowed the Macarena IF it was requested. Which of course it was. And it got loads of people onto the dancefloor. Except me and Ben! I used it as the perfect time to change into my shorter "dancing" dress and Ben used it to go get another drink at the bar!
    Some awesome non-choerograohed moves were busted at our wedding though and so many people told us that our DJ was the best they'd ever heard at a wedding. I'd have to agree of course! It was a freakin' genius night!



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