Thursday, August 12, 2010

our magnificent spiced pear cake

all of these delicious pictures are from One Love Photo

The wedding cake turned out exactly how I wanted it to - it was creamy and swirly and looked JUST as tantalizing as it tasted!  The yellow ranunculas looks smashing on it, and the little cake toppers were just adorable.   AND those pies!?  With that perfectly golden brown crust!?  OMG.  Or the two types of cupcakes!?  I could have sat and stared at our dessert buffet all was such a pretty spread!

That spiced pear concoction was so it was too bad that Tommy and I each only got to eat that one bite of it!  While we were doing the cake cutting, the sun started setting outside - so we kinda booked it outside as soon as we had taken our first bite of cake (we wanted to capture those golden rays of Arizona sun!)  By the time we got back inside IT WAS ALL GONE!  As was the pie - ALL GONE!  Only two or three cupcakes remained.  Unbelievable right!?  Good thing my friend Christine blessed me with the recipe so I can make it myself....which I will on our 1 year anniversary. 

While we were making the slices of the cake, Tommy's buddies at the nearby table kept telling him to smash me in the face with it.  I sorta wanted to throw cupcakes at them :-)  *In a loving way of course....maybe.


Thank you, dear Christine, for bringing such sweetness to our wedding.  We appreciate all the time and effort you put into those tasty desserts for our wedding celebration.  That was such a gracious gift!  Plus... I miss whoa.


  1. Didn't know you had a dessert buffet. Yum!!! Spiced Pear sounds delicious. Love the cake stand too. ;)

  2. You can totally see you're giving tommy the "you better not smash that in my face" look.

    the spread looks delish!

  3. ditto on the not getting much cake front! We were so busy talking to everyone I didn't get one bite, and it all looked sooo good!! Your spread looks amazing too - the dessert buffett idea is such a good one and saved us a heap of cash - perfect combo ;) xx

  4. Ah I want to eat everything in those pictures! Your cake is just beautiful, truly yummy looking!

    ps. i feel the same way about your wedding.

  5. ohhh, that dessert bar does look delish! and beautiful!! I TOTALLY got a piece of cake at my wedding b/c my sis didn't get but a tiny bit at hers... so i made sure! :0) but my cake sure was gone fast!

  6. I second Jasper. I want to eat everything in those pictures! yummy! and can you email me the recipe for that pear spice cake when you get it? pretty please? I don't have to wait until your anniversary to bake it...

  7. That does look amazing. Now I am dying for a cupcake!

  8. What a wonderful job Christine did! (And those cake toppers are ridiculously cute).

    I love that you had a "dessert table" instead of just one gigantic cake.



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