Friday, August 13, 2010

our "pay it forward" details

Our wedding assembled so much creative energy from people around us - we didn't have the cash flow to hire people to do stuff for us or to buy lots of "wedding decor."  (I think the only thing we actually bought was the card holder....ummm...with a coupon?)   Anyway...

A HUGE element that helped transform  our wedding tablescapes from ho-hum to bangerange  was the burlap table runners.  Insert my girl, Christy, The Hindsight Bride, who generously graced our wedding with the burlap table runners from her own wedding.  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  It was the sweetest gesture and brought tears to my eyes.  Really.  Not only that...she sent a couple of bags of pinecones that decorated the tables at her wedding as well.  Such LOVE has been bounced around on those table runners and pinecones now!  Thank you thank you thank you Hindsight are beautiful.

Another monstrous thank you shout out goes to my bloggy friend at Very Married.  I inherited an array of silver frames that were used in her wedding.  It would have been easier for her to give these away locally, and not dead with shipping and such, except, she did...and she sent them to me.  These enabled us to create the "love table" - one of my favorite things we had at the wedding.  Such a special detail that would not have happened without those frames!  Thank you Very Married!! 

I have to give props to Sera for offering up her incredible seamstress skills when I started freaking out about my "old" dress.  Her kindness made me cry.  As in....I needed Kleenex.  She's a bloggy friend that has seriously turned into a keeper.  Chic 'N Cheap offered to loan me her glorious veil - what a sweetheart.  And one of my fave reader/email pals offered to loan me jewelry from her own personal jewelry collection.  Such kindness was showed to me from these internet kindred spirits...this is why blogging is so addicting to those of us that do it - a real network forms...a community develops of strangers...of people... who actually care about you and your dreams to come true too.  (and why it's so perplexing to those people who don't blog and don't understand what a "blog community" is!)  I've shared my wedding planning journey more intimately with this community of readers than I did with anyone in my "real life."  These connections have changed my life.  They certainly enhanced our wedding! 

Onwards to our Dessert Table - where everything was a gift from a whole slew of loving hearts.  Our dear friend made our cake and pies...another friend made us two different types of cupcakes...ALL of it was divine.  My sister let us borrow her pretty white wire cupcake tree, my mom let us borrow two of her crystal cake platters, and my aunt let us borrow her adorable serving pieces.  It was a lovely spread...thanks to the generosity of those around us.

Obviously, the wedding was decorated by family and friends who gifted their afternoon on that beautiful Sunday to create a lovely space for our wedding.  They lined the aisle with pinecones, created simple yet glorious tablescapes, made the bouquets, arranged the love table, organized the space, fashioned a delectable dessert table, and handed out programs at the ceremony.  They read poems, and said prayers during our special lady even flew out to Arizona to marry us on that mountain top.  They created an open afternoon for Tommy and I to enjoy each other and to capture some lovely memories.  This community, our little community of family and friends, made us feel solidly supported, so very loved, and blessed beyond words.

I have a lil pay it forward up my sleeve to keep the good vibes flowing.  I'll be announcing it in a few days.


  1. The saying "Love is in the details" comes to mind. Jes, I think so many people wanted to help you because the sunshine of your personality shines through your writing. ;)

  2. I love how weddings bring this out of people. I cannot believe the outpouring of help that people offered on my wedding day. SO dang sweet :)

  3. I love seeing how people come together to make a wedding happen in extra special ways. Yay!

  4. oh gosh! i DEF have to see pictures of this table now :)

    Thanks for the shout out girlie! (also, that pic of the two of you in the woods is amazing)

  5. I agree with Lori, you do have a sunny and bright personality that makes us all want to do anything for you. and fact of the matter is, you helped me so much by listening to me grumble and moan at some of the worst of times.

    I am honored to be part of your blogging community. It's true, people who don't have one, really don't understand what an amazing sense of support and friendship it is. When I bring up my blog to random people in conversation, even good friends, I often get a blank stare, but I'm getting used to it. I know something they don't know, I have something they don't and it's an honor to have a friend like you.

    and I don't buy that it's going to take you 30 years to get to Seattle. If I bribe you with pie will you come sooner?

  6. Yaaaaay! So happy to see the tables. They look beautiful. You are right about the blogging community. It's incredibly supportive. And I am happy to have met some of your friends through the process, including Sera.

  7. Aww thanks love, that is such a sweet post. It is pretty amazing what the internet can do and create for people. Excited to hear about the Pay it Forward. That last picture is also just the sweetest thing!



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