Friday, August 27, 2010

a toast and a speech


Speeches and I have a funny relationship.  I hate giving them.  Public speaking isn't my thang.  Furthermore, when someone I know is about to give a speech, I get instantly nervous for them....sick to my stomach nervous.  Fortunately, my sisters and Tommy's best men spoke awesome words in our favor. 

My little sisters are so much like me.  HATE public speaking...but do a pretty good job in delivery, so nobody ever knows the crazy anxiety we go through.  I asked my sisters weeks in advance if they would give a little toast for us, but I also told them it wasn't a big deal and they certainly didn't have to do it if they didn't want to.  The day of the wedding came, my sisters were nervous...I could tell...but nobody else could!  They were up there holding those mics like a couple of natural Toast Masters!  They gave a touching toast that brought tears to my eyes AND made me laugh!

Tommy's two best friends were his best men.  They gave a speech together where they played off each was long as it highlighted where there friendships began, through jr. high school, high school, and college... including hilarious stories along the way ...totally entertaining!  Again, these two made me laugh and made me cry.  They talked about how amazing Tommy is...which he it was perfect.

Memorable.  Indeed.

*note:  neither of our fathers (or mother's for that matter) gave speeches at the wedding.  I didn't think about that until I sat down to write to this post.  We didn't ask our parents to do the speech thing, but we didn't tell them not to either.  Didn't think about this detail.


  1. Ah, the speeches! At our wedding only the best man and MOH gave speeches - I wish others would have offered toasts. Traditionally, the father of the bride is to give a toast - but this is from older times, when the parents of the bride were also paying/hosting for the wedding. Both our parents funded our wedding (for the most part), but we didn't ask that they give speeches. I think my dad would die, anyway, if he had to give a speech.

    Too, TRADITIONALLY, the bride is to give a speech at the rehearsal dinner (I think I have this right). I didn't - I can't stand public speaking, and I shy away from it whenever possible!

  2. I also get totally nervous when other people I know are about to give a speech! I haven't asked anyone to give a speech at our wedding because of this. Maybe I'll have to mention it to at least our parents.

  3. ugh...the ONE totally awkward part about our wedding was the best man glad your guys did it well!!

  4. Looks like everyone was having fun!

  5. Oh I am totally uncouth in this regard. I was the only speech giver at our wedding. Ours was a small DIY fete and I felt the urge to give an impromptu thank you after cake cutting and before the moonshine toast ;-)

    P.S. Your pictures are Amaaaazing!



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