Thursday, August 26, 2010

into the woods: our pictures

all of these gorgeous images are clearly OneLovePhoto

We stepped into the woods immediately after our ceremony.  So these are the first few shots of us as husband and wife - that's why we are glowing a little bit - we were on cloud nine.  Before we got married, I never anticipated decorating our every square inch of our home with our wedding pictures...I figured we would select one image that we loved the most.  Except...I think all of the images have to find their way into our home.  Right!?  They are so magical.


  1. Your pictures are so great I don't know how you would choose just one! I've threatened my husband that I will just wallpaper our house with our wedding pictures I love them so much. haha.

  2. You said it right: MAGICAL.
    These pictures are gorgeous.


  3. You just made a case for taking pictures after the ceremony. You can't just fake that kind of joy!

  4. I want to photo shop mine and my husbands heads into your pics. :)

  5. Loooooove! Perhaps just make them into a wallpaper? ;)

  6. Was most of the motion and blur in your images added in post production or was that happening in camera. It looks great.

  7. I saw your veil on etsy.

    Is it okay if I email you with a few questions????

    Onelovephoto are genius, such great photos!
    You are beautiful!



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