Tuesday, August 31, 2010

what's on your nightstand?

Tommy and I are still attempting to make our apartment our home.  After browsing tons of rad bistro sets, we've settled on one for our kitchen table,,,we have an old leather sofa and bed - but we are still on the lookout for very basic basic pieces.

something quirky and rad like this would be the dream - but at $250ish bucks...it's a no go.

Right now, we are both crushing on the idea of getting nightstands.  We haven't had any since we were kids living with our parents!  We both settled on stacking up our plastic boxes of "stuff" with a blanket thrown over the top to act as our "nightstand" for the past few years - and now we don't even have any plastic boxes!!  Currently, our cell phones, books and glasses of water are piled next to our respective sides of the bed.

less than 100 bucks

So we've been browsing the CSN stores for inspiration - they have everything so their one stop browsing is easy.  I'm wondering - what does your nightstand look like?  Does it have drawers?  Or a cabinet?  Or is it a little table with enough room on top for a lamp and your alarm clock?  We were thinking that having a drawer or two would be a nice way to keep some of our junk piles down...by stuffing said junk into new drawers. 

Any thoughts??


  1. Mine have two shallow drawers and they taper into long legs. Other than lamps on top, one side has an alarm clock and a stack of books and the other side has a phone, a squirrel shaped clock, and a stack of books. ;)

  2. Ours have a little cupboard at the bottom (perfect place for hiding presents before birthdays/Christmas!!) and a little shelf under the table top. Which is the perfectly place for phones, perfume, lip gloss and a picture. It took us ages to find good ones too - good luck!! xx

  3. My favorite nightstand is actually the one in my office/our guest bedroom. It's a "vintage modern" bookshelf that was brought home from a church yardsale for about $10. Realistically speaking, it's someone's unwanted leftovers from the 1970s...but with a coat of paint and a few modern accents it's quite nice! It's stylistically similar to this one (http://www.thisnext.com/item/89901902/L7-Console-Table), but with 4 shelves that reach to just above bedside height.

    I have a few small enameled planting pots from a garden center that hold knitting supplies, a faux stainless reading lamp, and a pretty box to keep some things out of sight. The shelves also have books, except the top one that has a flower vase/potted plant, the lamp, tissues, and a jewelry bowl/catchall bowl.

    Never forget the value of a yardsale/thrift store and a coat of paint!

  4. Hey there! I've been a reader for ages but I basically stop by once in a while and binge read. So three things:

    1. Congrats on your beautiful wedding!

    2. OMFG you're pregnant! Congratulations!! The crazy will pass and you'll look back on this time and smile with your baby in your arms and wonder how you ever lived without him/her.

    3. I used to work at CSN Stores. They are great people! Yay! : D



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