Monday, August 30, 2010

stuff that went wrong

There were a few snafu's at our wedding...none were biggies...and all breezed over rather nicely.  But I feel like I need to include these little imperfections because they were a part of our journey.

1. No on-sight coordinator, like we were promised.  The girl was there, and she was nice and gave me hug when she saw me.  Except, she didn't fulfill her promise to "help us."  She assured me time and time again that she would be the one to tell us when to walk down the aisle, when to cut the cake, to do the dollar dances, appropriate times for toasts....etc.  But no.  She was behind the bar the whole night...never told us anything.  In hindsight I get frustrated with that.  However, on the day of the wedding, I was oblivious to it all - and the One Love Photo team actually saved the day and got the ball rolling.  (our ceremony started 10 minutes late - NOT because we weren't ready...simply because the "coordinator" never came to get us!!!  Kinda lame.)  So the beginning of the reception was a little, or a lot, unorganized but it ironed itself out.

2. I forgot one of the family photos for the Love Table at the hotel.  Now, it was the wedding photo of my it was a bummer....but I got over it...especially when we realized everyone was already at pictures were being taken....and there really wasn't anything I could do.  So I shrugged my shoulders, apologized and moved on.  Well, my poor mother was freaking out about it...she wanted something done...she wanted that picture.  She got my Dad on it and they  made it their personal mission to get it and they went to extreme lengths (it all seemed kindof silly to me...but it all worked out and nobody was left out.).  One of my second cousins convinced the hotel manager to open our hotel suite to her and she went rummaging through my bags and bags of "wedding stuff."  But she found it (I didn't even know where it was!)...and she rushed it to the wedding.  Hallelujah.

3. The guest book never made it.  Now, this may sound like a big bummer but it wasn'rt!  Things happen...and there were so many boxes of decorations it just got lost in the shuffle.  No biggie.

4. The DJ played the Macarena.  But like I've already said, that affected me for like 4 minutes total.

5. I forgot lipgloss.  Doy.

6. The "dollar dance" was fun but we didn't exactly have it "organized" before hand.  We just sorta went for it - which was me running around for a few moments between my sisters (the clock keepers/ money collectors) and the DJ....I was probably a lil too focused and should have just let someone else deal with it.  But hey, that even turned out I'm not complaining.

7. We had to improvise our choreographed first dance because my stinkin' beautiful dress was too long!  But even that turned out OK!

8.  The tuxes were uncomfy, itchy, and the shirts were the wrong shade of white.  But it's possible that nobody noticed...I forgot so it clearly wasn't all THAT apparent.  It was a bummer that Tommy didn't like his outfit - I wish he would have felt as lovely as I felt.  

As you can see, a handful of minor minor inconveniences stumbled into our wedding...but nothing was ruined, and nobody was disturbed.  It was life, and life happens.  Beautiful life.


  1. I love your perspective...stuff goes wrong, but no biggie.

  2. So weird about his suit, because he really looked great!

  3. Those are all pretty minor things that went wrong, consider yourself lucky!! For perspective, the ground under our tent flooded and the power went out on our band twice. YOUCH!

  4. gosh, these sort of things are just bound to happen
    we certainly had a few glitches on our day
    but i think when you're so caught up in how happy you are
    it doesn't really matter that much ;-)

  5. I don't think you'll regret the guest book. We still have ours somewhere (I think), but I've actually considered trashing it because it doesn't have any real significance. If you have great pictures and great memories (and it sounds like you absolutely do!), then you're good. :)



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