Monday, September 20, 2010

breaking dawn

Have you given in to the teeny bopper Twilight saga?  Well, I have.  My hubby's little sister got me into it - now I'm not as into it as her...for example...I haven't read each of the books 7 times, or watched the movies over 5 times each, nor do I have a lifesize Jacob cardboard cutout in my bedroom. (though that would be rather tempting.) 

I just picked up Breaking Dawn last weekend, as I hadn't read it yet.  I'd been trying to read some classic literature over the past month and I cannot for the life of me get into I gave up...and gave into my inner 17 year old.)  I intended to read the first chapter the other know... light reading for 20 minutes or so.

Um...I read the first 100 pages that night (stayed up an extra hour...was beat the next day...but it was worth it.)  I don't want to spoil anything for anyone...but there was a wedding :-)  And I couldn't stop reading about it...and then...well...there was the honeymoon...and I REALLY couldn't stop reading.

The next night I read the next 100 pages.  It involves a pregnancy!  I couldn't believe it... I just couldn't believe how much this character's thought process about being pregnant paralleled my own (well, the author is a mother to three children, so obviously, the insight was there.) 

Now I want to read books where the main character prepares for baby.  Not necessarily a "how to" manual or a "what to expect" book.  Fiction.  Light reading.  Mindless reading.  Any suggestions?


  1. Ahh yes it is an addictive book! Have you read the Millenium series of books ("Girl with a Dragon Tattoo", "Girl who played with fire", etc." They're a little more involved but also good page turners.

  2. I was reluctant to read Twilight [&friends], but once I started I just couldn't stop!! Finished it last night. Now that it's over, I kinda miss it.

  3. That's why breaking dawn was my favorite. have you ever read "something borrowed" & "something blue"? i read them when i got engaged and loved them. the same author also wrote "baby proof" and that was a good, light, baby-themed, chick-flick kind of book

  4. Baby Proof (Emily Giffin) is good. Also, try Cocktails for Three(although, this one will relate more for after the birth-Madeleine Wickham) and then there is Shopaholic and Baby (Sophie Kinsella).

    I found after my baby was born I started devouring books-well the chick-lit, easy to read books.

  5. Oh yeah, I tried to resist but i gave into Twilight too! I'm very fickle so was obsessed for a bit and am now totally over it but i agree that the wedding and honeymoon bits are such a good read! I love the first one best though. Oh and I think the films suck, even though i like Rob and Kristen (check out the first name basis!) They just don't live up to the books! x

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  7. Waiting for Birdy by Catherine Newman

  8. I breezed though that book too! It was my favorite of the series. A guilty pleasure. I haven't read any books on preparing for baby, but I would love too!



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