Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the fate of this blog

at the bachelorette par-tay!!

I wholeheartedly intended on blogging about weddings here for at least 6 months after our nuptials.  I knew I wasn't going to be a bridal blogger forever...but I figured my attraction to weddings would last a few months after our nuptials.  Weddings are, after all, soooo dreamy and lovely. 

Well...obviously my attention is swayed in a zillion different directions these days.  What with being a new wife, a soon-to-be mommy, living in a new place, being a new doctor...these are some exciting things I want to explore!  Instead of living in pretty wedding wonderlands, I think I'm more interested in researching about these adventures of my real life.

So.  What does that mean?  Well, this is my blog...and I can really do whatever I want with it...regardless of a "bride" title, right?  I'll continue writing here.  I won't desert it.  It won't revolve entirely around weddings any longer...though I do hope to feature real readers weddings, and lovely ideas as they strike my fancy.

Stick around...real life is is full of love and excitement...and drama...and success...and stress...and pretty poems of devotion too.  Weddings don't contain all of the fun...right!?


  1. Sounds great. I'll still be following!

  2. Weddings definitely don't contain ALL the fun. Not by a long shot. They are a sacred moment in time where you seal your relationship among family and friends.

    But your life will continue to be filled with beautiful celebrations.

    And I know you said you'd never have the opportunity to wear such a fancy schmancy dress again, but I don't necessarily believe that's the high point either. Lately, I've been thinking of collecting colorful summer maxi dresses. There are so many pretty ones now. There are so many beautiful ways to live a life!

    I have often noticed that a lot of women become even lovelier after their weddings. Perhaps it's the bloom from feeling loved and settled in life.

    Okay, there is one wedding detail you haven't mentioned. How was your San Francisco honeymoon?

    Give us a honeymoon recap, and then we'll let you settle into telling us about life as a new wife, new mommy, new doctor, and new upstate New Yorker. ;) Boy, that's a lot of "NEW" isn't it?

  3. I'm glad you're going to be around for a while Jes, gotta see pics of that baby!

  4. No one wants you to stop!

    There is so much camraderie and support on here!

    A lot of graduated wedding bloggers document their married lives, and especially with your growing family, we'd love to get your insight on all the progress in your life.

    I always tell myself that marriage isn't about the wedding day, but the day after that, and the day after that!

    So you're not a bride anymore, but there are so many new beginnings coming up. Can't wait!

  5. you are just at the start of so many exciting things. i can't wait to hear about the rest of your upcoming adventures, no matter how often you are able to post <3

  6. Makes sense to me. You're transitioning into a new stage of life so it's perfectly reasonable that the content on your blog would follow your new interests and thoughts. I'll stick around, for sure.

    P.S. I'm secretly hoping that you'll write about your pregnancy. :)


  7. I totally understand that you want to document all your latest adventures and we can't wait to hear about them! You'll have have an amazing time over the next year and no doubt will have lots of juicy post-worthy things to share!xx

  8. Yeah, we want to see the baby!!!

  9. Yes you said exactly what I was thinking I want more NY details either here or on your other blog. Love and miss you

  10. The thing is, all of the brides out there, you'll be married soon too. It's not at all irrelevant and here I am a year later still reading your blog. And I'm sure you'd be reading mine if I'd post anything (sheesh). love ya Jes!



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