Monday, September 27, 2010

food aversions

I've always heard of weird cravings during pregnancies.  I haven' experienced any of those.  Of course, I'm still a newbie...only 3.5 months.  My belly was constantly nauseated from 6 weeks to about 14 my appetite has been really bizarre.  I would wake up nauseous...and wouldn't want to eat (obviously) but it I didn't eat it would get worse.  Freaky weird horrible cycle.  Ha!

I wanted to eat biscuits all day long.  They keep my belly settled.  Seriously...I'd bake a batch of biscuits every Sunday, and keep them in the fridge all week long...pulling them out one at a time to eat with jam or just plain.  They would do the trick.  But I don't think that it was a "craving" as much as a survival mechanism to eat something. 

Thankfully, the majority of my nausea has subsided.  But, there are still so many things that I can't even look at to eat because they MAKE me nauseated!!  (can't win.)

As far as aversions go:  I STILL can't eat a vegetable to save my life.  Like.  Honestly.  The sight of greenery makes me vomit...I can't even bring myself to eat them..see them...smell them.  How horrible...I know.  My doctor assured me that oftentimes these aversions will go away once the nausea goes away and my veggie fix will be normal again. I keep buying vegetables at the grocery store...just in case one day I have a hankering for something fresh...but I end up throwing them away if Tommy doesn't eat them. 


  1. My sister in law had horrible morning sickness. She couldn't eat anything. They finally found out that she could eat popcorn so she started eating that everyday.

  2. You poor thing, i hope you get your appetite for veggies back soon!! xx

  3. My mom craved watermelon and wouldn't you know it ... it's one of my favorite fruits. ;)

  4. I could have written your description exactly for the first trimester of both my pregnancies. I had aversions to almost everything (especially salad, veggies, and coffee). Cravings? Not so much.

    I survived on Saltine crackers rather than biscuits. (Maybe I'll try that next time).

    Question: Did you take any prescription morning sickness meds? Why or why not? I'm curious about your thoughts...especially since you are a doctor.



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